NASCAR Green Features Ethanol

Last week was NASCAR Green week in celebration of Earth Day. According to the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA), it was also the perfect time to promote the benefits of American Ethanol. Since 2008, NASCAR drivers have been racing with E15 and to promote the green benefits, NASCAR released a video.

According to NASCAR in an ethanol feature piece, this partnership that includes NCGA and Growth Energy, along with several others are reducing the sport’s environmental impact, validating green technologies and educating fans. NASCAR notes that collaborative efforts between the groups have allowed the partners to expand awareness of E15’s benefits and availability at the pump.

The NASCAR article concludes, “Upwards of 75 million NASCAR fans each weekend in a season that stretches from February to November are exposed to American Ethanol. These fans are the most loyal of any professional sport. They are three times more likely to try or purchase a sponsor’s products and services because they know it keeps their favorite driver on the track. If NASCAR fans who support using ethanol in their vehicles would switch from E10 to E15, they have the potential to eliminate greenhouse gases created from more than 3.5 billon miles of driving.”

Celebrate Biodiesel Day Today

9 things about biodieselToday is National Biodiesel Day and the celebration of Rudolf Diesel, the inventor of the diesel engine. Many will remember that similar to the first “gas” engine running on ethanol, the first “diesel” engine ran on peanut oil. In fact, National Biodiesel Board (NBB) notes that when he created his engine, he envisioned a time when vegetable oils would one day be as important as petroleum among transportation fuels. Because of his foresight, and his contribution of the compression ignition engine, Biodiesel Day is celebrated on the anniversary of Diesel’s birthday.

“I can’t imagine what Rudolf Diesel would think if he saw how his vision has come to fruition in today’s commercial biodiesel industry, a more than 2 billion gallon US market,” said NBB chairman Ron Marr. “It is here, now, cutting carbon emissions, supporting domestic green energy jobs, and benefiting consumers from coast to coast.”

To celebrate Biodiesel Day, here are nine facts about biodiesel that will rev you up! But first, a super cool video about biodiesel.

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BioFuelNet Heads to School

Infographics67BioFuelNet is heading back to school to get young men and women excited about biofuels. The organization is partnering with Talk Energy Week to participate in panel discussions at schools in eight Canadian cities. The discussions, targeted at grades 11 and 12 and reaching more than 1800 students, will include information on how to develop sustainable advanced biofuels. Each participating class will be sent a series of educational infographics illustrating various types of biofuels, where they come from and how they are made.

“As our use of fossil fuels is one of the major contributors to climate change, rethinking the energy sector will be a crucial undertaking for the next generation of decision-makers – many of which are currently in high school and beginning to learn about alternative energy solutions,” said Dr. Donald L. Smith, CEO & Scientific Director of BioFuelNet.

In addition, BioFuelNet has released an animated short film highlighting how Canadian scientists and students are working together through BioFuelNet to solve global environmental issues.

ACE Video Highlights #E15 Market Potential

The American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) has released a new animated video targeted to retail fuel station owners and encouraging them to offer consumers #E15 at the pump. The piece highlights the rapidly growing number of vehicles on the road that can use E15. The video is located on the Flex Fuel Forward website, a source where retailers can share their experiences with E15 and other mid-level and higher ethanol blend.

“The number of vehicles on the road that can use E15 is huge – whether you’re talking about cars that are warrantied for E15, or those that are approved by EPA to use E15,” said ACE Senior Vice President and Market Development Director Ron Lamberty. “We wanted to show that ‘math’ to station owners, and we especially wanted to show the E15 market potential compared to premium and diesel – because those are the fuels oil companies usually push when station owners consider changing or expanding their fuel slate.”

“In the past few years, as oil companies have limited the fuel grades retailers can offer, and station owners change tanks over to premium or diesel, I feel like we haven’t done enough to make it clear how big the E15 market is.” Lamberty added, “We’ve told people about the E15 opportunity – probably thousands of times. Now we can show them. And if that dramatic difference doesn’t convince them to give E15 a shot, they don’t really want to know…”

Lamberty unveiled the animated video during the Western Petroleum Marketers Association EXPO in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Vehicle Manufacturers Increase #Biodiesel Support

NBB's Biodiesel ChevyFrom coast-to-coast B20 is now formally supported by nearly all vehicle manufacturers. Today more than 78 percent of the diesel vehicles coming off production lines are approved for use with B20, as noted during the annual Biodiesel Showcase that took place yesterday during the 13th Annual National Biodiesel Conference.

Some big examples of support include General Motors (GM), Hino and PACCAR along with Ford and Fiat Chrysler. Among U.S. heavy-duty truck segments, which account for more than 87 percent of actual diesel fuel usage, every major engine manufacturer supports B20 in their new engines except for Daimler’s Detroit Diesel, which remains at B5.

Many users are realizing that B20 biodiesel blends offer them a cost-effective and seamless option to help meet increasingly aggressive greenhouse gas and carbon reduction goals. Energy continues to warrant focus on the worldwide stage as a primary way to reduce the effects of climate change and during this week’s conference, biodiesel role in this efforts were highlighted. The Biodiesel Showcase was one of the best visuals of the benefits of biodiesel and a demonstration that consumer choices for biodiesel play a strong role in influencing vehicle manufacturers to continue to increase their support of biodiesel.

Following are three brief videos about vehicles that are approved for the use of B20. You can get the scoop on PACCAR’s “bright yellow truck” by clicking here.

2016 National Biodiesel Conference Photo Album

Dr. Aydin Sunol, University of Florida

Adrian Ratza, Hino

Mike Sico, Ferman Chevrolet

Biodiesel Warming Up For Another Big Year

nbb16-jobe-speechAt the opening General Session of the 2016 National Biodiesel Conference & Expo in Tampa Tuesday, there was a theme of the underdog winning the game – and a promise that biodiesel is in the game to win.

“Last year the biodiesel industry demonstrated more than ever that no matter how beat up we are, no matter how outgunned we are, we don’t back down,” said National Biodiesel Board CEO Joe Jobe. “We came together like never before. We stayed true to our principles in the face of deceitful attacks and we achieved the success necessary to put us back on track.”

Though optimistic, Jobe also noted significant challenges still remain. “While our fight is not over, we have a different future. 2016 is going to be our strongest year yet,” he said. “The strategy of disinformation is now being deployed to attack renewable energy and climate change science. Our opponents will continue to use outrageous and desperate tactics as they continue to undermine and work to repeal the only carbon reduction policy currently available in the transportation sector.”

Jobe had a baseball theme to his speech and used many quotes from Yogi Berra, also known as “Yogisms” – and noted that the 5’7″ Yankee was often underestimated. “I bring up Yogi not just because I admire him as a player, a person, a humorist, and a fellow Missouri boy, but because I wanted to illustrate how the biodiesel industry has been underestimated, overshadowed, and underrated,” said Jobe. “And 2016 is the year that we change that.”

Listen to Jobe’s speech here: NBB CEO Joe Jobe Speech

Jobe also offered an illustration of just how amazing biodiesel really is – watch below:

2016 National Biodiesel Conference Photo Album

“Kirby’s Future” Wins Fuel the Future Video Contest

A young woman from Des Moines, Iowa, Helena Gruensteid, who attends Roosevelt High School, took home the top honors in the Fuel the Future video contest. The top three placing high school videos were unveiled yesterday during the 10th Annual Iowa Renewable Fuels Summit held in Altoona, Iowa. Gruensteid was awarded $1,000 for her video “Kirby’s Future. The contest was sponsored by the BrownWinick Law Firm.

Evan Boss, Brock Henderson, and Christian Moore of North Linn High School and North Linn FFA and won the $600 second place prize for their video entitled, “North Linn FFA E15 Video.”

Hannah Song, a senior at Iowa City West High School, was awarded the $400 third place prize for her video entitled, “Fuel the Future with E15.”

“I want to thank all of the Iowa high school students who took on the challenge of entering this year’s contest and learning about the benefits of using renewable fuels, like E15 and biodiesel,” said IRFA Communications Director T.J. Page. “While all of the videos were fantastic, Helena’s entry stood out for its entertaining storyline, and imaginative presentation of benefits of using homegrown, cleaner-burning E15.”

View the 10th Annual Renewable Fuels Summit Photo Album.

Olympia School District Goes to School with Propane

Olympia-Schools-Propane-Bus1-X2Stanford, Illinois students are traveling around town in school buses fueled by propane. The Olympia Community Unit #16 School District, a rural district covering 377 square miles, converted to propane-fueled buses to meet the district’s needs for reliable, lower-cost buses. The school buses travel an average of 20,000 miles per year.

According to John Olsen, assistant superintendent for Olympia, the district tested propane with two school buses and now has 12- nearly one-third of their 33 bus fleet. The remaining buses run on diesel fuel. He estimates each bus saves the district $2,500 per year in fuel and maintenance and is expected to serve the district for 10 years. He figures that the buses will save the school district $300,000 over the 10-year life of the buses.

According to information about propane autogas, propane engines do not require diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and diesel particulate filters, and oil consumption can be reduced as much as 50 percent, making propane powered buses less expensive to operate and maintain. Propane fuel costs, currently lower than diesel fuel, make up the difference and more.

The savings are not the only benefit of the propane buses, says Olsen who notes they are also quiet and cleaner-burning. “I love the fact that when our buses pull up to the schools at the beginning or end of the day, we’re not sitting there creating a cloud of fumes right outside the school,” he added.

Evergreen FS, based in Bloomington, IL works closely with Olsen to supply the fuel. They also set up and continuously service and maintain the four 1,000 gallon propane tanks on-site. Typically the storage onsite provides a seven to eight day supply of propane. Olsen and the school district will continue to work with Evergreen FS, a member cooperative of GROWMARK, who keep him up-to-date on technical advances that will make the fleet even more cost efficient over time.

Americans United for Change New Climate Video

COP21 will go down in history as nearly 200 countries came together to reach an historic climate agreement. Despite the efforts, there is still a political contingency of “climate deniers” (check out the Climate Deniers Anthem spoof released by Funny or Die last week) and Americans United for Change noted they will be taking the presidential debate stage tomorrow in Nevada. Today the organization released a new video called ‘Still Not a Scientist’, a sequel to the Webby Award nominated video ‘Not A Scientist’.

According to Americans United for Change, ‘Still Not A Scientist’ features numerous Republican leaders and presidential hopefuls all singing from the same climate denial hymnal, all refusing to acknowledge the overwhelming scientific data that climate change is happening and is man-made. The truth, the organization says, is 99.99 percent of peer-reviewed climate science papers have concluded that climate change is happening and that it’s man-made, but that doesn’t matter when the Koch brothers own 99.99 percent of the GOP.

Under President Obama, the U.S. has made huge strides on climate, cites Americans United for Change, leading here at home with the Clean Power Plan and leading abroad by helping negotiate key commitments from countries like India, Brazil and China ahead of the Paris agreement. However, that could change, says the group, if the presidential candidates show their commitment to Big Oil. Because of the Koch brothers hold, Americans United for Change said, President Obama sent actual scientists and negotiators like Secretary of State John Kerry to Paris. While Ted Cruz, the group said, was showing he’ll rely on conservative shock jock radio host fill-ins for Rush Limbaugh for counsel on climate science, because Republicans know the further they drive their heads into the sand on climate change, the bigger the “Hero” they are to their big polluter donors.

Sing Along to the Climate Change Deniers’ Anthem

Funny or Die has done it again with their latest video “produced” by the Koch Brothers, the fossil fuel billionaires. In the video spoof, the Koch brothers pay celebrities to sing climate change denier’s anthem to the “We Are the World” music.

The video features actors Beau Bridges, January Jones, Darren Criss, Jennette McCurdy, Emily Osment, Ben Feldman, Estelle and more.

Like what you see? Then consider visiting to fight back against the Koch brothers and all those blocking climate change action.