Ethanol Industry Partners for Progress

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Powered by Partnerships was the theme of the 2024 National Ethanol Conference last week in San Diego and the partners for the ethanol industry now include some brand new alliances and former adversaries. The Partnering for Progress panel at the conference included representatives from the petroleum industry, car makers, airlines, convenience stores, and farmers. Much of the conversation centered around …

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Corn Farmers Express Concerns About EV Focus

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Thousands of farmers from across the country signed a letter that was sent to President Joe Biden last week expressing concern that his administration is taking a short-sighted approach to addressing climate change by prioritizing the use of electric vehicles over biofuels, such as corn ethanol, as it works to drastically lower the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions. “If we are …

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NCGA Cobcast on Corn, Ethanol and the RFS

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The latest episode of the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) Cobcast podcast features a discussion on how the Renewable Fuel Standard changed the corn industry and made ethanol one of the most important markets for corn. The podcast features agricultural economist Scott Irwin from the University of Illinois; Julie Busse, a member of the NCGA ethanol team; and Bradley Schad, …

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Ethanol Remains Top Priority for Corn Growers

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Ethanol remains a top priority for the National Corn Growers Association, as Minnesota farmer Harold Wolle, takes over as president of the organization this week. During a press conference Tuesday, Wolle talked about his goals over the next year, including support of the Next Generation Fuels Act in the House and Senate while making ethanol a go-to biofuel in the …

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NCGA Calls on Members to Comment on CAFE Standards

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The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) this week called on its members to urge the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to provide a level playing field for biofuels such as ethanol by submitting comments on the agency’s proposed increase in the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standard. NHTSA has proposed that the CAFE standard, which regulates how much fuel a …

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NCGA Tells EPA to Follow the Science on Ethanol

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The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) sent a letter last week to the Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan addressing recent concerns raised by the agency’s scientific advisory board about the environmental benefits of ethanol. In the letter, NCGA CEO Neil Caskey noted that the research shows unequivocally that ethanol is important to addressing climate change. “There are no shortage …

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Corn Growers Urge Treasury to Use GREET Model

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As news reports last week indicated the Biden administration will delay a critical decision regarding qualifications for Sustainable Aviation Fuel until December, corn grower leaders sent a letter urging adoption of the industry standard to determine which biofuels lower greenhouse gas emissions enough to qualify for tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act. The letter sent to Treasury Secretary Janet …

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Biofuel and Farm Groups Join Tailpipe Emissions Letter

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Biofuel groups and farmer organizations were among some 100 transportation fuel stakeholders who sent a letter this week urging the Biden administration to reverse course on its proposed tailpipe emissions standards for light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles. “We share the goal of reduced greenhouse gas emissions across the broader economy and, specifically, those from energy production, transportation, and use by …

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NCGA Analyses Ethanol Demand and Corn Stocks

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National Corn Growers Association economist Krista Swanson analyzed the most recent data from USDA and the Energy Information Administration (EIA) regarding ethanol demand and corn supplies. Swanson notes that projected corn ethanol use for the 2022/23 marketing year declined by 25 million bushels from last month, according to the February UDSA World Agriculture Supply & Demand Estimates report. “As the …

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