1Hour Flex Launched

Joanna Schroeder

A new U.S. based company called Alkol, has launched 1Hour Flex, a technology, according to the company, that allows any car to run on any amount of ethanol (E85) or gasoline. The conversion is reported to take less than one hour. The company has its roots based in Brazil where there are more flex-fuel vehicles on the road than anywhere …

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BRAIN-y Idea Helps Wisconsin Biodiesel & Ethanol

John Davis

Wisconsin will be getting $1 million to help put in E85 ethanol and biodiesel stations and infrastructure across the state. This article from the Milwaukee Business Journal says that the new Biofuels Retail Availability Improvement Network (BRAIN) will fund the installation of 27 E85 and biodiesel retail locations around the state, as well as support the installation of biodiesel blending …

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E85 and Biodiesel Promo in Sioux Rapids, IA

Michelle Kautz

The First Coop Association is one of many stations to take advantage of the Renewable Fuels Promotional Assistance Program sponsored by the Iowa Corn Promotion Board, the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) and the Iowa Soybean Association. Through the Renewable Fuels Promotional Assistance Program, Iowa Corn and IRFA partners with retailers for grand openings for E85 and ethanol blender dispensers. …

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California Groups Awarded DOE Funds for 55 E85 Stations

Michelle Kautz

Mike Lewis of Pearson Fuels said, “I am excited to see that we are now in a stronger position to bring alternative fuel infrastructure to the hundreds of thousands of flexible fuel vehicles already on the California roads while measurably reducing the State`s dependence on foreign oil imports.” Pearson Fuels already has 13 E85 stations within California. He claims that …

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