IN Corn Gives Money for E85

Michelle Kautz

“These funds will encourage fuel retailers to offer E85 and consumers to use E85 in their flex-fuel vehicles,” said Mike Shuter, ICMC president and a Frankton, Indiana farmer. “The ethanol industry is a major market for our corn and this program allows us to use our corn checkoff funds to help grow demand for ethanol, which grows demand for corn. …

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FFV Campain Announced at Farm-to-Fuel Summit

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The Clean Fuels Foundation and the FlexFuel Vehicle Club of America are the project organizers in cooperation with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The lead sponsor for the pilot project is the Renewable Fuels Association. Other project supporters include General Motors, Verenium, Protec Fuel Management, Urbieta Oil, Florida Biofuels Association, and the USDA Office of Energy Policy …

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Dresser Wayne Brings E85 Dispenser to Finland

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The Global Ovation iX dispenser includes many elements that support the customer service objectives including the St1 Refuel RE85 compatibility. The Global Ovation iX dispenser features the Xflo™ fuel meter, available in an eco-fuel compatible design. The Xflo meter helps ensure precisely-blended alternative fuels among other advantages. “We applaud St1 and their efforts to offer sustaining, alternative fuels for motorists. …

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