Ford’s 2011 Flexible Fuel Vehicles

Cindy Zimmerman

Ford has announced a handful of models for their 2011 flexible fuel line-up. The company, who began producing FFVs in the mid 1990’s will offer more than 12 models in the upcoming year, according to a Growth Energy press release.

“If we’re going to reduce emissions, clean the air, and increase our energy independence, we need to ensure that our entire vehicle fleet and fuel infrastructure are ready to use expanded U.S. ethanol production,” said Tom Buis, CEO of Growth Energy. “Each additional flex fuel vehicle model gives consumers the option of filling up with domestic, homegrown renewable fuel and enhances our national security, all while creating U.S. jobs and greening our environment. We commend Ford Motor Co. for their continued commitment to manufacture FFVs and we urge Congress to pass legislation that will encourage all vehicles to be flex-fuel and support the construction of blender pumps and ethanol dispensing equipment.”

Ford’s announcement was made this week at the Ford 2011 Model Year Advance Product Meeting in Minnesota in front of fleet and dealership representatives. At the meeting, Ford personnel provided an overview of their vehicle lineup for the coming model year which includes more than 12 Flex Fuel Vehicle models.

The new 2011 FFV models include:

3.0L Fusion3.0L Escape
F-150 (engine to be announced)5.4L Expedition & Expedition EL
5.4L Expedition EL Limo6.2L F-250 & F-350 Pickup and F-350 Chassis Cab
4.6L & 5.4L E-Series models4.6L Crown Victoria, Taxi & Police Interceptor
4.6L Lincoln Town Car5.4L Lincoln Navigator
5.4L Navigator L5.4L Navigator L Limo
3.0L Mercury Milan3.0L Mercury Mariner
4.6L Mercury Grand Marquis

Today, more than eight million vehicles on U.S. highways are flexible fuel vehicles, out of over 246 million vehicles on the road. Ford’s commitment to manufacture more Flex Fuel Vehicles will help ensure that we meet Congress’ goal of 36 billion gallons of biofuel production by 2022 as enacted in the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act, Buis said.

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