Energy From Cows Could Reduce Emissions

Cindy Zimmerman

Producing more energy from cow manure could help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. At the climate summit in Copenhagen, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced an agreement with U.S. dairy producers to accelerate adoption of innovative manure to energy projects on American dairy farms. “This historic agreement, the first of its kind, will help us achieve the ambitious goal of drastically …

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USDA Responds To EPA’s Postponement of E15 Waiver

Joanna Schroeder

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has responded to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) postponement of the E15 Waiver request. In a statement issued by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Vilsack said, “We are very encouraged that the results of the tests of E15 in newer model cars have been positive. The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) movement towards developing an …

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Corn Crop Still Strong and Good for Ethanol

Cindy Zimmerman

Even though USDA lowered its forecast for 2009 corn production in the latest report out today due to lower yields, farmers are still expected to see record yields and production is still expected to be the second highest on record. Corn production is forecast at 12.9 billion bushels, down 1 percent from last month but 7 percent higher than 2008. …

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Soybean-based Biodiesel Back in the Black

John Davis

It looks like soybean-based biodiesel is returning to profitability. This article from Biodiesel Magazine says the USDA-funded Agricultural Marketing Resource Center model shows that a hypothetical, soy biodiesel plant has reversed a six-month trend of losses and would now be operating in the black. The overwhelming impact of soybean oil prices, which amount to close to 90 percent of the …

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USDA Official Will Tour Iowa Biofuels Industry

Cindy Zimmerman

USDA Deputy Secretary Dr. Kathleen Merrigan will get some first hand knowledge of Iowa’s ethanol industry during a tour scheduled for October 20. During her visit, Dr. Merrigan will learn about ethanol production, utilization of co-products and biodiesel research. Merrigan will first visit Lincolnway Energy, a 50-million gallon per year ethanol plant with a corn oil extraction process. Next, she …

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USDA Loan to Help Green Rebuilding Greensburg, KS

John Davis

Greensburg, Kansas, literally destroyed by a tornado in May, 2007, is getting some help from the government to have a green energy source supply the power for the town as it continues to rebuild. The USDA has announced a $17.4 million loan to Greensburg Wind Farm, LLC, to provide financing for the 10 wind turbine project that will supply power …

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Officials to Tour Dairy Bioenergy Operation

Cindy Zimmerman

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, White House Council on Environmental Quality Chair Nancy Sutley, and Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle will tour Crave Brothers Farm and Dairy Operation in Waterloo, Wisconsin Friday to see bioenergy in action. Crave Brothers is an example of a successful modern dairy, using green energy sources to power the farm, cheese factory and 120 area homes. …

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Biomass Feedstocks Research

Cindy Zimmerman

USDA’s Agricultural Research Service is studying the use of plant residues for biofuels. At the University of Minnesota-Morris Biomass Gasification Facility, for example, gasification researcher Jim Barbour and ARS soil scientist Jane Johnson (pictured) are evaluating potential biomass feedstocks, including pressed corn stover. The Agricultural Research Service has scientists in 18 states involved in the Renewable Energy Assessment Project (REAP) …

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Ethanol Report on USDA Crop Forecast

Cindy Zimmerman

This edition of “The Ethanol Report” features comments from Geoff Cooper with the Renewable Fuels Association on today’s increased corn crop forecast from USDA, how it disputes the indirect land use change theory and food versus fuel debate. Cooper also comments on the importance of ethanol to our national security as we remember the anniversary of the 9-11 terrorist attacks …

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More Corn for Ethanol

Cindy Zimmerman

The U.S. Department of Agriculture increased the forecast for the nation’s corn crop by two percent in the September crop production report out Friday morning. The forecast is now an even 13 billion bushels, just 100 million bushels short of the 2007 record crop. The soybean crop, already expected to be the biggest ever, was boosted another one percent in …

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