Report: Enough Corn, Soybeans for Ethanol, Biodiesel

John Davis

A new report indicates there will be enough corn and soybeans for ethanol and biodiesel production, as well as the feed, food and export uses those crops are tasked with. But the evaluation from the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center‘s Robert Wisner, Professor of Economics and Energy Economist, says things could get tight if next year’s crop is hit with bad …

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Soybean Checkoff, Clean Cities Promote Biodiesel

John Davis

A group that promotes the use of soybeans and a program that works to reduce local petroleum consumption are partnering again to promote the use of soy biodiesel next year. This article from radio station KFGO in Fargo, ND-Moorhead, MN says the United Soybean Board’s soybean checkoff and the U.S. Department of Energy-affiliated (USDOE) Clean Cities’ chapters will develop programs …

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ASA, Biodiesel Board Call for RFS2 Comments

John Davis

The deadline for getting in your two cents’ worth on the U.S. EPA’s proposed Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS2) is rapidly approaching, as this Friday, Sept. 25th will mark the end of the comment period. This article in Biodiesel Magazine says the American Soybean Association and the National Biodiesel Board are making a last-minute appeal to their members and biodiesel supporters …

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Biodiesel Nets Soy Growers Extra $2.5 Bil Since 2005

John Davis

American soybean growers have netted an extra $2.5 billion over the past four years, thanks to demand for soybean-based biodiesel. This story from says a new United Soybean Board and soybean checkoff-funded study also found that biodiesel added 25 cents to the price of a bushel of soybeans: Because the price of petroleum diesel has such a large influence …

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E85 and Biodiesel Promo in Sioux Rapids, IA

Michelle Kautz

The First Coop Association is one of many stations to take advantage of the Renewable Fuels Promotional Assistance Program sponsored by the Iowa Corn Promotion Board, the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) and the Iowa Soybean Association. Through the Renewable Fuels Promotional Assistance Program, Iowa Corn and IRFA partners with retailers for grand openings for E85 and ethanol blender dispensers. …

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DF Cast: Biodiesel Makes Engines Roar

John Davis

On a warm, clear summer evening in Central Missouri, the night air practically thunders to life as 3,000 horsepower of tractor-pulling power is started and modified machines of farm implement heritage rumble down a dirt track. While the behemoths of the National Tractor Pullers Association Midwest Extreme Truck and Tractor Pull are pushed to the limits of what an engine …

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