Life Cycle Analysis Favorable for Biodiesel

Cindy Zimmerman

Comparing the life cycle analysis of soy products to petroleum products shows clear environmental advantages on the soybean side.

Early last year, the United Soybean Board released the findings of a life cycle analysis report that compared several different soy-based products with the same products made from petroleum sources, including soy biodiesel. The peer-reviewed study was done by Omni Tech International, a consulting firm specializing in renewable and biobased products. The study included a review of soy-based biofuels, plastics, lubricants and coatings.

Omni Tech consultant Jim Pollack says they found out that soybean yields increase 12% in the last ten years, energy to grow soybeans was down 20%, soybean crushing plants were using 45% less energy to make soybean oil. “When the oil was sent over to the biodiesel plants, they were using 35% less energy,” Pollack said. “So, collectively, all of these improvements have resulted in a very favorable life cycle profile for soy biodiesel.”

Pollack was telling that story at the recent National Association of Farm Broadcasting annual meeting. Listen to my interview with him here: Jim Pollack with Omni Tech International

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