Iowa Biodiesel Interests Plan Radio Ads for Basketball

Cindy Zimmerman

Iowa’s biodiesel leaders are unveiling new radio ads for Iowa State/Iowa men’s basketball games to promote biodiesel to consumers.

“These radio ads are designed to encourage Iowans to learn more about the industry’s starting line-up of performance, quality, support for Iowa agriculture, green-job creation, as well as price and availability,” said Jon Scharingson, Director, Sales and Marketing at Renewable Energy Group® (REG), part of the group coordinating the ads. “Whether you’re a Hawkeye or a Cyclone, we want Iowa diesel engine operators to ask for biodiesel blends from their local petroleum marketer whether it is at the retail pump or for delivery to their business, fleet, or farm.”

In addition to REG, the radio ads are being sponsored by the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association, the Iowa Soybean Association and the Iowa Biodiesel Board to encourage consumers to ask for biodiesel blends from their local fuel retailer, coop or petroleum marketer. The ads are partially funded by the soybean check-off.

According to the Iowa Department of Weight and Measures, a five percent biodiesel blend (B5) has the same performance and quality attributes as straight diesel fuel. “B5 biodiesel blends can perform in any diesel engine in any season,” said Scharingson. “We urge consumers to ask for this home-grown, Iowa-made fuel from any petroleum marketer in Iowa.”

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