Introducing New Propane Autogas Filters

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A new filter is now available tailed for propane systems. Alliance AutoGas has partnered with Donaldson Company and the new line of LPG filters are designed to remove potentially harmful particulate matter and heavy ends from propane autogas systems. The filters are available through nationwide propane equipment distributors. Donaldson has more than a 100 year history of developing innovative engine …


PERC Highlights Propane on the Farm at #NAFB16

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There is a lot happening in the world of propane Cinch Munson with the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) told Agwired during the recent National Association of Farm Broadcasting (NAFB) conference. One area of growth is in the engine markets including irrigation, school buses, delivery vehicles and pick-ups. Munson said they are also seeing good efficiency improvements across a …

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KIPP Jacksonville Schools Go Propane

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KIPP Jacksonville Schools has converted to propane – the first U.S. charter school to do so. The 100 percent propane fueled school bus fleet will be used to transport students to and from campus. The 14 Blue Bird Vision Propane buses will reduce the fleet’s carbon footprint; the buses emit 80 percent less smog-producing hydrocarbon and nearly eliminate particulate matter …

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Van Unen Miersma Propane Partners with Semper Fi Fund

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Van Unen Miersma Propane has forged a partnership with the Semper Fi Fund, a non profit organization that assists injured and ill service members and their families. Van Unen has purchased three propane delivery trucks and for every gallon of propane these trucks use, the company will donate one cent to the Semper Fi Fund. The propane company anticipates pumping …

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GROWMARK Makes Energy Investments

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GROWMARK announced two major energy-related investments last month that provide benefits for the members of the Illinois-based agricultural cooperative. First, GROWMARK acquired a propane terminal in Plattsburg, Missouri which is connected to the ONEOK pipeline, has 270,000 gallons of storage and the capability to load out two trucks at once. “It gives us another asset and access to propane,” said …

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U.S. Propane Exports Growing

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A recent Today in Energy looks at the correlation between the growth of propane exports and growth in exports of petroleum products. According to U.S. Energy Information Administration data (EIA), during the first half of 2016, the U.S. exported 4.7 million barrels petroleum products per day. This is an increase of 500,000 b/d over the first half of 2015 and …


Michigan Mass Rolls Out Propane

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Flint, Michigan Mass Transportation Agency (Flint MTA) has rolled-out 16 new propane buses. According to Blue Bird, this is the largest one-time Propane Vision bus purchase to date for commercial use. Flint MTA estimates that when compared to the replaced diesel buses, each propane bus will reduce 800 pounds of nitrogen oxide and 35 pounds of particulate matter per year. …

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GROWMARK to Purchase Suncor’s Share of UPI

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GROWMARK will be purchasing Suncor’s assets in Ontario, Canada-based UPI, which provides energy products, including propane, throughout Ontario. As part of the agreement, GROWMARK will purchase Suncor’s 50 percent interest in UPI. Once complete, UPI will be 100 percent owned by GROWMARK. The transaction is subject to conditions including regulatory approvals and terms were not disclosed. “The agreement aligns with …

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#Propane Celebrates 5 Years of Farm Incentives

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After five years of applied research through the Propane Farm Incentive Program, the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) has some good data to back up the benefits for farmers switching to propane equipment in higher performance, improved efficiency, and significant cost savings. Over 400 producers from 32 states have participated in PERC’s incentive program over the last five years. …

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New Holland Reveals Prototype Propane Tractor

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For ten years, New Holland’s brand position has been as a Clean Energy Leader and the company didn’t disappoint at this year’s Farm Progress Show with the launch of the third-generation Alternative Fuels Tractor prototype that is powered by propane autogas. I got all the details about the cutting-edge tractor from New Holland’s Mike Cornman who said the concept tractor …

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