GROWMARK Growing as a Propane Retailer

Cindy Zimmerman

GROWMARK ranked as the fifth largest propane retailer in the United States by LP Gas Magazine with sales of over 211 million retail gallons of propane during 2016.

“Propane is used for a lot of different reasons,” says Zach Baugher, GROWMARK Propane Marketing & Technical Services Manager. “Home heat, livestock building heat, grain dryers, and now we’re starting to see an increase in autogas and irrigation motors.”

Baugher says autogas has tremendous growth potential. “We see it as the area that will grow the most between now and 2025,” he said, noting that fueling infrastructure is what is currently restricting expansion. “But we’re really seeing a push for propane-powered school buses right now because of the total cost of ownership savings.”

In this interview, Baugher talks about how GROWMARK is preparing to serve the growing market for propane autogas and how increased use of propane for irrigation motors is being fueled by promotion efforts from the Propane Education and Research Council‘s Farm Incentive Program. Interview with Zach Baugher, GROWMARK Propane

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