RFA Announces Flex Fuel Photo Winner

Cindy Zimmerman

Snapping a photo of his daughter stopping to smell the flowers paid off for Rich Johnson of Omaha, Nebraska who has been named the winner of the Renewable Fuels Association Flex-Fuel Challenge Summer Photo Contest. Rich’s photo was judged based on creativity as well as quality out of more than 1,100 photos submitted in the contest this summer. As the …

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Mansfield Oil Contracts with Heron Lake BioEnergy for Ethanol

Michelle Kautz

“This is our first new plant relationship since our acquisition of C&N and is a real demonstration of the confidence placed in Mansfield and C&N as a thriving, independent marketing partner,” said Douglas Haugh, EVP of Mansfield Oil. “Our strengths are logistics, marketing, and the supply chain automation technology that refiners are increasingly requiring of their ethanol suppliers. Working transparently …

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Ethanol in the Classroom

Cindy Zimmerman

The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) and the Renewable Fuels Foundation (RFF) are partnering with teachers and the National FFA Organization to provide tens of thousands of high school students information about the opportunities available to them in the field of renewable fuels. “America’s energy future rests squarely in its high school classrooms today,” said Mike Jerke, chairman of the RFF …

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Big Oil Predicts Big Growth for Ethanol, Biodiesel

John Davis

The largest oil and gas producer in the country is predicting that in 20 years, there will be more ethanol and biodiesel than gasoline and diesel produced in the U.S. Bloomberg.com reports that Katrina Landis, head of BP’s alternative-energy unit, made the claim that biofuels will replace about 25 percent of gasoline and 8 percent of diesel in 2030, raising …

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Enerkem Breaks Ground on Waste-to-Biofuels Facility

John Davis

Canadian company Enerkem has broken ground on a new energy research facility. This company press release says the advanced waste-to-biofuels facility is a partnership with the City of Edmonton and the Government of Alberta,: The research facility, a collaboration between Enerkem, the City of Edmonton and the Alberta Energy Research Institute (AERI), will focus on the conversion of various types …

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Mascoma and Chevron Team for Cellulosic Ethanol

Cindy Zimmerman

An agreement between Mascoma Corporation and Chevron Technology Ventures will provide feedstock for conversion to cellulosic ethanol and by-products. According to a press release, Mascoma has entered into a feedstock processing and lignin supply agreement with Chevron Technology Ventures (CTV), a division of Chevron U.S.A., Inc. Under terms of the agreement, CTV will provide various sources of lignocellulosic feedstock to …

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1Hour Flex Launched

Joanna Schroeder

A new U.S. based company called Alkol, has launched 1Hour Flex, a technology, according to the company, that allows any car to run on any amount of ethanol (E85) or gasoline. The conversion is reported to take less than one hour. The company has its roots based in Brazil where there are more flex-fuel vehicles on the road than anywhere …

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Ethanol Report on USDA Crop Forecast

Cindy Zimmerman

This edition of “The Ethanol Report” features comments from Geoff Cooper with the Renewable Fuels Association on today’s increased corn crop forecast from USDA, how it disputes the indirect land use change theory and food versus fuel debate. Cooper also comments on the importance of ethanol to our national security as we remember the anniversary of the 9-11 terrorist attacks …

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