CleanTech Biofuels Partners with Fiberight

Joanna Schroeder

With the slurry of marriages and divorces in the biofuels and biomass industry, it is hard to keep up. In the municipal sold waste arena, CleanTech Biofuels has announced a joint research agreement with Fiberight to establish, “the anticipated yields and operating costs from using biomass produced by CleanTech Biofuels for the production of ethanol using Fiberight’s proprietary enzymatic processes.” …

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Rabobank Launches Renewable Energy Finance Team

Joanna Schroeder

It appears that some of the concern over the difficulty to secure financing for biofuels projects may be a worry of the past. Rabobank recently established a Renewable Energy and Infrastructure Finance (REIF) team in the Americas. Tomas Emmons has been selected to head the department with teams in Europe, Asia and now New York. Also in the states, the …

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BBI Releases New CHP Report

Joanna Schroeder

BBI International has released a technical report on combined heat and power (CHP) that addresses the impact on statewide renewable portfolio standards (RPS) when companies install biomass fired combined heat and power facilities (CHP) onto current ethanol production plants.  This report focuses specifically on Illinois, which currently produces 976 MGY of ethanol, with an additional 188 MGY of capacity under …

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Proposed Ethanol Pipeline to Extend into SD

Michelle Kautz

f built, the route would begin in Davison County, S.D. — further west than O’Brien County, Iowa, as originally planned — and deliver the alternative fuel from plants in Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio to distribution terminals in the northeastern United States. Magellan has been working with the Association of Oil Pipe Lines for years on how …

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Dresser Wayne Brings E85 Dispenser to Finland

Michelle Kautz

The Global Ovation iX dispenser includes many elements that support the customer service objectives including the St1 Refuel RE85 compatibility. The Global Ovation iX dispenser features the Xflo™ fuel meter, available in an eco-fuel compatible design. The Xflo meter helps ensure precisely-blended alternative fuels among other advantages. “We applaud St1 and their efforts to offer sustaining, alternative fuels for motorists. …

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Another Loss For The Ethanol Industry

Chuck Zimmerman

The ethanol industry lost another visionary this past week. Raphael “Ray” Katzen passed away on Sunday, July 12. Ray was a visionary that saw the potential of cellulosic ethanol while working at a defense plant under contract for the federal government during World War II. His life’s work was dedicated to producing ethanol from a variety of feedstocks cost competitively. …

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Ethanol Promotion at Biker Rally

Cindy Zimmerman

The ethanol industry is reaching out to motorcyclists this summer with a promotion aimed at bikers attending the 69th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally August 3-9 in Sturgis, SD. The Renewable Fuels Association is partnering with the popular Buffalo Chip Campground and the Buffalo Chip Gazette to promote the use of ethanol blended fuels as a way to fight dependence on …

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Florida Farm to Fuel Summit Registrations Up

Cindy Zimmerman

Organizers of the 2009 Florida Farm to Fuel® Summit report that registrations for the event on July 29-31 are running ahead of last year. The fourth annual summit will feature addresses by Florida Governor Charlie Crist, Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Charles Bronson, USDA Under Secretary Dallas Tonsager, “Fuel” documentary producer Josh Tickell, and many others. There will also be a …

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Lab Tests Cellulosic Biomass Process

Cindy Zimmerman

Gulf Alternative Energy Corporation (GAEC) recently announced the lab test results on its biomass pre-processing technology that converts cellulosic biomass into a fine, dry powder for processing into ethanol. GAEC reports that testing conducted by Microbac Laboratories of Colorado Lab “showed that all sugars were produced from Gulf Sorghum in 16 hours compared to 64 hours for unprocessed control samples. …

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