Novozymes Tech Service Adds Profitability

Cindy Zimmerman

One of the themes that Novozymes wanted to drive home to ethanol producers at the Fuel Ethanol Workshop last week was that they deliver more than enzymes when they partner with plants.

few15-novo-billy-kevinA big part of the Novozymes philosophy in helping ethanol plants is technical service. “We have a team of over 40 scientists deployed across the U.S. supporting the biofuels industry,” said Kevin Cox, Novozymes director of technical service for biofuels. “It’s a unique part of our company in that we provide a different value proposition through technical service.”

Novozymes technical service offerings include customer training, process optimization, data analysis, and laboratory support. “Our overarching goal is to be a trusted adviser and a partner to our customers and help them succeed in their business,” Cox said. Interview with Kevin Cox, Novozymes

Billy Whitlock, plant support tech services manager for Novozymes, says they work with plants on trials to make sure new products are right for them. “We’re there working with them whether it’s products that improve yield, to products that try to streamline the production process to increase output,” said Whitlock. “Our arm of the tech services division is really tasked with bringing the knowledge and the information from our headquarters to our customers.”

Interview with Billy Whitlock, Novozymes

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Coverage of the Fuel Ethanol Conference is sponsored by Novozymes
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