Using All The Corn And Making Ethanol

Chuck Zimmerman

One of the speakers at the ethanol industry press conference here at Iowa Speedway this morning was Mike Sobestski, Vice President/COO, LifeLine Foods. Besides talking about the company he also explained how they use various parts of a corn kernel to make food and fuel. An interesting point he made was that the part they use to make ethanol is …

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ICM to Produce Food and Fuel

Cindy Zimmerman

The next generation of ethanol plants will be producing both food and fuel. ICM, Inc. has announced that ethanol biorefineries investing in the company’s newest technology by the end of this year will be capable of commercially producing both food and fuel in 2010. The announcement was made during ICM’s customer meeting at the annual Fuel Ethanol Workshop (FEW) in …

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Study Finds Oil Impacts Prices More Than Policy

Cindy Zimmerman

Government biofuel policies affect fuel and farm commodity prices, but the price of a barrel of oil can have even larger effects. That is the conclusion of a report by the University of Missouri Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI). The study researched biofuel scenarios based on 500 random draws of possible weather, production and other market influences. The …

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Corn Growers Confident Despite Lowered Forecast

Cindy Zimmerman

Officials with the National Corn Growers Association say while they are concerned about the potential impact of weather on this year’s corn crop, growers are confident they can meet the demand. “Thanks to a very successful 2007, we started this year off with a significant level of beginning stocks that can help see us through a season of reduced production,” …

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