Meet Biodiesel Scientists Making an Impact

Cindy Zimmerman

A virtual event is being held this afternoon (September 10) with the co-chairs of the Next Generation Scientists for Biodiesel to let them show some of the real-world impacts of their biodiesel research and outreach. In this live Zoom event, meet four students serving as the new co-chairs of the Next Generation Scientists for Biodiesel, improving the world through science. …

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New Next Gen Biodiesel Scientist Leaders

Cindy Zimmerman

The Next Generation Scientists for Biodiesel (NGSB) program has selected students from Iowa State and National University as new co-chairs. Sam Kramer is a chemical engineering and economics undergraduate at ISU, who helped get the school’s unique “BioBus” program going again after a long hiatus. “The world needs more capable and caring engineers,” Kramer said. “Programs like NGSB and our …

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Two New Leaders for Next Gen Scientists for Biodiesel

Cindy Zimmerman

Two new co-chairs have been chosen for the Next Generation of Scientists for Biodiesel. Shyam Paudel, a chemical engineering Ph.D. candidate at Missouri University of Science and Technology, and William Gray, chemical engineering undergrad at Rowan University in New Jersey, are the two new leaders of the organization. They join one other sitting co-chair of the organization – Jennifer Greenstein, …

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“Forever Young” Switchgrass for Cellulosic Ethanol

John Davis

Scientists at the USDA might have found a way to keep switchgrass forever young and better for cellulosic ethanol. Agricultural Research Service (ARS) geneticist Sarah Hake, working with University of California-Berkeley plant geneticist George Chuck, found that taking a gene from corn called corngrass and inserting it into switchgrass keeps the grass always in a juvenile form that doesn’t flower, …

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Science Magazine Spotlights Seaweed to Biofuel Technology

Cindy Zimmerman

The cover story in the latest issue of Science Magazine showcases a California-based company’s technology that converts seaweed to biofuel. The research article details breakthrough technology developed by scientists with Bio Architecture Lab (BAL) using a microbe to extract the sugars in macroalgae that could further the use of seaweed as a feedstock for advanced biofuels and renewable chemical production. …

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Will Biofuels Cause Water Apartheid?

Joanna Schroeder

Biofuels has been compared with fossil fuels, blamed for worldwide starvation, linked to CO2 increases and decreases, and born the brunt of scrutiny for rainforest destruction (aka land use). However, until now, biofuels have yet to receive a real beating on water use. Well, that day may be on the horizon with the release of the new Rice University study, “The …

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National Science Board Calls for More Green Energy

John Davis

A 25-member panel of researchers that advises the President and Congress on science and engineering issues is calling for more development of sustainable and clean energy sources to transition the country away from fossil fuels. The National Science Board has released a draft report entitled “Building a Sustainable Energy Future” for public review and comment: The NSB recommends that the …

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“E-logo” a Hit with Kids

John Davis

The green ethanol flags were a hit with the crowd at the 2008 IPL Festival Parade, especially with the kids. Spectators could spot “e” flags waving at Monument Circle and along the parade route. Some kids were using the flags as drumsticks, beating in time to the college and high school bands that marched past. Well, keeping time in their …

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Evidence that Ethanol Works

John Davis

The ethanol industry in Brazil has been developing some major traction. Marcos Jank, President of UNICA, says the demand for ethanol in Brazil is now matching that of the demand for gasoline. He says ethanol is gaining ground and Brazil “won’t move back to gas.” Marcos was one of seven speakers at today’s Ethanol Summit held at the Indianapolis Motor …

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