A Few Minutes with ‘The Father of Ethanol’

Joanna Schroeder

“I thought it would take one-and-a-half years to get things done but now its been 22 years for me,” said Merle Anderson during our conversation at the 22nd Ethanol Conference & Trade Show. Merle is often known as ‘the father of ethanol,’ and with good reason. He helped to start the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) in 1977. As a …

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The Time is Now to Apply for a USDA Loan Guarantee

Joanna Schroeder

For the past several months, grants and incentives have been released to help keep the biofuels industry moving forward and successful. One set of programs that were launched through the stimulus package gave $1.7 billion dollars for business and industry loan guarantees – but very few are taking advantage of this program. This according to Dallas Tonsager, keynote speaker during …

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Barley Ethanol Business Building

Cindy Zimmerman

Osage Bio Energy has a barley business partner and a winning bin builder. The Virginia-based company just announced an agreement with Perdue AgriBusiness to source barley to operate its first barley-to-ethanol bioprocessing facility. Perdue, a leading grain supplier in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic, is committed to working with local farmers to supply Osage Bio Energy with its barley needs for …

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Down But Never Out

Joanna Schroeder

I spent the last few days with old friends and making new acquaintances here in Milwaukee during the 22nd Ethanol Conference & Trade Show hosted by the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE). While it was slightly disheartening to see the trend of low attendance at ethanol conferences, such as the Fuel Ethanol Workshop, during the past year, it was heartening …

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Renew. Unit. Succeed. Determination.

Joanna Schroeder

“We must leave oil before oil leaves us.” Wise words from Brian Jennings, the executive director of the American Coalition for Ethanol during his general session presentation at the 22nd Ethanol Conference & Trade Show. We need to progress from short-term day to day crisis management to thinking long-term strategy, continued. Jennings. “We need to unite.” A major theme of …

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Ethanol Report on Blender Pump Initiative

Cindy Zimmerman

Corn growers and the ethanol industry are teaming up to bring more choices to the consumer at the fuel pump. In this edition of “The Ethanol Report” we hear from representatives of the National Corn Growers Association, the American Coalition for Ethanol and the Renewable Fuels Association about the “Blend Your Own Ethanol” campaign announced this week at the 22nd …

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Basketball Champ Loves Ethanol Maker

Cindy Zimmerman

After four NBA Championships, Shaquille O’Neal is pretty much a household word. Now he wants a new moniker to represent his investment in what could become the next big household appliance – the E‐Fuel MicroFueler™ that makes ethanol from organic waste or leftover alcoholic beverages. Sometimes known as the “Big Diesel,” Shaq said during a demonstration of the microfueler in …

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BYOethanol: Press Conference

Joanna Schroeder

Unless you haven’t been reading our coverage of the 22nd Ethanol Conference & Trade Show hosted by the American Coalition for Ethanol, you’ve heard by now the news regarding the new blender pump program called BYOethanol. Pronounced “bio,” Blend Your Own Ethanol is a joint campaign between ACE, RFA and NCGA to bring 5,000 blender pumps online throughout the United …

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ACE & RFA Launch National Mid-Level Blend Campaign

Joanna Schroeder

The 22nd Ethanol Conference & Trade Show in Milwaukee kicked off with an announcement of the largest ever consolidated effort to install 5,000 mid-level blend, or blender pumps, throughout the country: BYOethanol. I know many of you are envisioning bringing your own ethanol to the upcoming college football tailgate party, but it really means, Blend Your Own Ethanol. The partnership …

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Ethanol Welcomed at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Cindy Zimmerman

Ethanol was welcomed with open arms at last week’s 69th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota where the Renewable Fuels Association partnered with the popular Buffalo Chip Campground and the Buffalo Chip Gazette to promote the use of ethanol blended fuels as a way to fight dependence on foreign oil. RFA’s Robert White – an avid motorcycle enthusiast – …

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