ACE Urges Ethanol Industry to Contact Congress

Cindy Zimmerman

ACEMembers of the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) are being urged to contact their congressional representatives during down time this month.

ACE Executive Vice President Brian Jennings says there are three key issues important to the ethanol industry that they are encouraging members to discuss with congressmen and senators during the August Recess. They include the offer by the ethanol industry “to sacrifice our tax credit for deficit reduction, next-generation biofuels, and incentives for small ethanol producers and infrastructure. Congress missed an opportunity to include this ethanol reform plan in the debt ceiling deal but should look for ways to advance this plan when they return to Washington, DC.”

In addition, Jennings says members should ask Congress to take a look at oil tax subsidies to reduce spending, and jobs legislation, with specific focus on clean energy jobs. “Provide your Members of Congress concrete examples of how ethanol has created jobs and benefited your community so they are armed with information they can use in trying to convince their colleagues in Congress to be more supportive of ethanol in the context of jobs legislation this fall,” said Jennings in a memo to members.

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