Five Steps to Becoming an EcoDriver

Joanna Schroeder

Summer is officially here and with it summer driving season (and high gas price season). As people pack their bags and head to the gas station to fill up for summer vacation,  EcoDriving USA, a campaign from the Auto Alliance, is encouraging people to become “EcoDrivers.” EcoDrivingUSA claims that practicing “green driving” produces the highest miles per gallon, regardless of …

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Bright Automotive Unveils The IDEA

Joanna Schroeder

In the race to develop and produce more efficient electric vehicles, Bright Automotive has launched a brand-new, 100-mpg plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) fleet vehicle –The IDEA. This is one of the first PHEVs designed “for the people by the people,” to compete in the light-duty truck market. The vehicle offers 180 cubic feet of interior space and a 1-ton payload …

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