“FUEL” Arrives in Chicago

Joanna Schroeder

3941955137_4a334f0e33The “FUEL caravan, which includes the Big Green Energy Bus and the Algaeus, is arriving in Chicago tomorrow for the launch of the award winning film. The October 10th event, taking place at Loews Pipers Alley 4 beginning at 4:00 pm, will be kicked off with a motorcycle ride-in. Director Josh Tickell and Producer Rebecca Harrell will ride a Harley Davidson with a diesel engine that tops 100 mph and boasts nearly 80 miles per gallon at legal highway speeds. Movie patrons will also be able to check out the Zero S, the first fully electric high-performance motorcycle.

The Veggie Van Organization has been touring the country in support of the documentary, “FUEL“. The film opened in theaters nationwide on September 18th in New York. As part of the showing, Tickell and Harrell will be available for a question and answer session on Saturday. Click here for more information about the film and ticket information.

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