Corn Growers Urge Action Over Anti-Ethanol Campaign

Cindy Zimmerman

The National Corn Growers Association is calling on its membership to communicate directly with food companies involved in the Grocery Manufacturers Association’s attack on corn farmers and U.S. ethanol production. NCGA singled out three companies in particular and asked members to express disappointment over their support for the GMA campaign. “We’ve asked our farmers to pick up the phone or …

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Ethanol and Racing at 92nd Indy 500

Laura McNamara

Ethanol isn’t just out on the track, but also in parking lots and parked in the infield at the Brickyard in Indianapolis, IN. And that’s something VeraSun CEO Don Endres (not pictured) is happy to see. Don is up in the Team Ethanol suite watching the 92nd Indy 500 with a few dozen other EPIC members as we speak. Just …

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NE Corn Fights Anti-Ethanol Campaigns

Michelle Kautz

The Nebraska Corn Board and Nebraska Corn Growers Association (NeCGA) announced today that they applaud the bipartisan group of Senators who have spoken out against the misinformation campaign that targets corn producers and the corn ethanol industry as being behind a rise in food prices. The group of six Senators, organized by Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley (R), met in Washington …

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LifeLine Foods Just Happens to Sell Ethanol

Laura McNamara

One of the largest snack suppliers in the U.S. is also the supplier of ethanol fuel for the Indy Racing League. Yup, LifeLine Foods is fueling and feeding the American public. Bill Becker, president and CEO of Lifeline, says that’s just the tip of the iceberg. LifeLine is investing in technology that will allow the company to do much more …

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Ethanol Supports the 6 “Fs”

Laura McNamara

The discussion on ethanol should be about fuel plus food plus feed plus fibers plus fruits plus forests. At least, that’s what the president of UNICA thinks. Marco Jank spoke at yesterday’s Ethanol Summit and explained how ethanol has become not just a major fuel source in Brazil but also a stimulating proponent in many other industries, particularly food. Marcos …

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Evidence that Ethanol Works

Laura McNamara

The ethanol industry in Brazil has been developing some major traction. Marcos Jank, President of UNICA, says the demand for ethanol in Brazil is now matching that of the demand for gasoline. He says ethanol is gaining ground and Brazil “won’t move back to gas.” Marcos was one of seven speakers at today’s Ethanol Summit held at the Indianapolis Motor …

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Indiana Corn Goes Mobile with Ethanol Education

Laura McNamara

The 2008 Indy Pace Car corvette wasn’t the only shiny new toy to check out at the giveaway this morning. The Indiana Corn Marketing Council debuted its new interactive mobile marketing unit complete with videos detailing the production of ethanol and a database of local fuel retailers that offer E10 and E85 fuel blends. Visitors can even print off a …

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Indianapolis Radio Supports Ethanol

Laura McNamara

Taking the 2008 Corvette is fun… and a bit dangerous. Tom Severino will promise you that. Tom is the Vice President and Market Manager of Emmis Indianapolis radio, the parent company of Hank FM. I spoke with Tom about Hank FM’s joint effort with the Indiana Corn Marketing Council and the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council to promote ethanol. The …

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Scaling Back Ethanol Use Not a Solution to World Hunger for Indiana Corn

Laura McNamara

There’s no question for the Indiana Corn Marketing Council‘s Mark Walters that the three May pump promotions have all been a huge success. Mark (pictured fourth from left) is the Director of the Biofuels Program for Indiana Corn. He says pump promotions help consumers learn about both sides of the ethanol debate. Some of the ethanol positives he points out …

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