Opportunites for Biorefineries Symposium Just Around the Corner

Joanna Schroeder

The Center for Advanced BioEnergy Research (CABER), part of the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences at the University of Illinois, is hosting a symposium on Near-term Opportunities for Biorefineries on October 11-12, 2010. Among the topics discussed will be the impact of technology improvements and utilization of value-added co-products of corn ethanol production. Attendees will also learn about the political and economic considerations that affect the development of improved technology as well as the proposed Renewable Fuels Standards (RFS2) requirements and implications.

“Modest tweaks in technology can reap substantial economic and environmental benefits for current corn ethanol plants. This symposium will address near term technologies and utilization of co-products that can add another revenue stream,” said Dr. Hans Blaschek, Director of CABER. “We’ll also discuss biochemicals, including butanol, which is considered a next generation biofuel as well as feedstock chemical that can add to the portfolio of products being produced in a biorefinery.”

University of Illinois researchers, along with staff from the USDA, Argonne National Laboratory, and biofuels industry leaders will share their views of the current and future status of corn ethanol.

Topics for the symposium include:

  • • Potentials for a biorefinery and a portfolio of products
  • • Co-product utilization and conversion
  • • Overcoming impediments to scale-up and commercialization
  • • Technologies to make ethanol and butanol an advanced fuel
  • • Economic advantages to diversification of products produced in a traditional corn ethanol plant

The early-bird registration fee is $249; after October 1 the registration fee is $299. Click here to learn more about the symposium and to register.

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