Farm Foundation Blog: Food & Fuel for 9 Billion in 2050

John Davis

How do you keep an expected world population of 9 billion people by the year 2050 fed AND meet the world’s energy needs? Our friends at Farm Foundation are taking on those challenging questions, hopefully with some good answers through their new blog, “It’s an opportunity for more people to be involved in the conversation,” said Mary Thompson, Farm …

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RFA Discusses Ethanol Issues at NAFB

Cindy Zimmerman

The Renewable Fuels Association was at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting annual meeting in Kansas City this week to discuss ethanol issues with reporters in light of the election and the upcoming lame duck session. “Ethanol was going to turn out just fine in this election no matter what because we were in the enviable position of both candidates …

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DuPont Pioneer Economist Talks Ethanol

Cindy Zimmerman

At last week’s American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (ASFMRA) Annual Meeting and AgroNomics conference in Indianapolis, the Economics Director for DuPont Pioneer gave an overview on the outlook for global agriculture and part of that discussion included a look at ethanol and what might happen if the Environmental Protection Agency decides to waive the Renewable Fuel Standard …

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Algae Producers Look to Market By-Product of Biodiesel

John Davis

Just as ethanol producers have been able to market the co-product dried distillers grains (DDGs) as livestock feed, those folks producing algae for biodiesel want to find more uses for what’s leftover once you get the fuel out. “The Departments of Energy and Defense have been interested in producing biofuels, both jet fuels and transportation fuels from algae,” Texas A&M’s …

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DF Cast: Candidates Debate Domestic Fuels

John Davis

It’s less than a week before election day, and President Barack Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney are vying for every vote they can, including those people interested in energy issues in this country. In this edition of the Domestic Fuel Cast, we hear from Obama and Romney as they made their pitches about their domestic energy policies during the …

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Internationalists Share Views On US Competitiveness

Jamie Johansen

During the recent 2012 Export Exchange a few key leaders in the international market took the stage in a panel to share their perception on United States competitiveness in grain production. Adel Yusupov, Southeast Asia Regional Director for US Grains Council, served as the moderator for the panel. Panelists consisted of: Willis Wu-Yeh Cheng, Chairman, Charoen Pokphand (Taiwan) Mousa Wakila, …

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Outlook For The Supply & Demand Of DDGS

Jamie Johansen

Distiller grain production was a hot topic discussed throughout the 2012 Export Exchange. Dr. Bob Wisner, Agriculture Extension Economics at Iowa State University, shared his research on the future of DDGS and what we can expect in the coming years. He also spoke on how this years drought affected DDGS production and it’s long-term affect on our US supply. “The …

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World Grain Buyers Get US Producer Perspectives

Jamie Johansen

Grain buyers from around the world in attendance at the 2012 Export Exchange had the opportunity to embrace the US producers perspective on the 2012 crop through a producer panel during the opening general session. Key panelists were Ron Gray, Illinois farmer and Secretary/Treasurer of the US Grains Council, and John Mages, Minnesota farmer and Chairman of the Minnesota Corn …

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Outlook for Global Grain & Renewable Energy

Jamie Johansen

To kick off the 2012 Export Exchange attendees heard from keynote speaker Carl Casale, President and CEO of CHS, Inc., on the outlook for global grains and renewable energy. Casale started off stated that the outlook simply depends on lots of different things and we have to focus on what we do know. He left attendees with one question: Do …

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