What Does Wall Street Think of the RFS?

Joanna Schroeder

So what does Wall Street think of the EPA’s 2014 proposed rule for the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). This question was asked during a media call hosted by the Advanced Biofuels Association (ABFA) in anticipation for the EPA public hearing on December 5th regarding their proposed rule. And the answer was given by Pavel Molchanov, SVP and Equity Research Analyst, …

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Advanced Biofuels Industry is Here to Stay

Joanna Schroeder

During a press call today, Advanced Biofuels Association (ABFA) President Micheal McAdams said the EPA’s proposal would be a devastating blow to the many companies working today to fulfill the promise of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) by raising capital, building manufacturing facilities and actually producing advanced biofuels that cut greenhouse gases in half compared to gasoline. In their proposed …

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RFS Proposal Could Devastate Rural Economy

Cindy Zimmerman

Representatives from state government, the agriculture community, and the ethanol industry all say the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed 2014 Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) biofuels requirements would have a negative impact on agriculture and rural economies. During a telephone press discussion today about the proposal, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad said he was proud of his state’s leadership in biofuels production and …

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Rep. Cheri Bustos Loves Ethanol

Joanna Schroeder

Did you know that Representative Cheri Bustos (D-IL) loves ethanol? Those in attendance at Patriot Renewable Fuels roundtable and RFS rally learned this when hearing from Rep. Bustos about her support of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). A little over two weeks ago, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced its proposed renewable fuel volumes for the 2014 RFS. However much …

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Patriot – The Little Biofuels Plant That Did

Joanna Schroeder

Remember when you were growing up the story your mom or dad read to you called, “The Little Engine that Could“? It was a motivational story about a little train engine that overcame doubt and adversity to save the day. Patriot Renewable Fuels based in Annawan, Illinois is the little biofuels plant that could in part by mading a recent …

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Book Review – Ruminations on the Distortion of Oil

Joanna Schroeder

I recently finished reading the book, “Ruminations on the Distortion of Oil Prices & Crony Capitalism,” by Raymond J. Learsy. The book was a historical review of his writings dealing with Big Oil and why oil prices are so high. In other words, “an overview of…our enslavement to oil and the money inextricably tied to it.” A former commodity trader, …

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Questions About EPA Authority for RFS Waiver

Cindy Zimmerman

Even before the Environmental Protection Agency officially released its proposed 2014 Renewable Volume Obligations (RVOs) under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), questions arose about whether the EPA is overstepping its authority. University of Illinois Clinical Assistant Professor of Law and Policy Jonathan Coppess, former counsel to the Senate Ag Committee and former administrator for USDA, says there is a legal …

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Biodiesel Booth at NAFB Talks Food & Fuel

Cindy Zimmerman

Biodiesel producers had plenty to talk about … and plenty of ears to listen … during the recent National Association of Farm Broadcasters (NAFB) meeting in Kansas City. Makes sense, when you consider how connected the farming and biodiesel industries have been over the years. We caught up with two folks from the National Biodiesel Board at the group’s booth …

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Ethanol Groups Talk to Farm Broadcasters

Cindy Zimmerman

Ethanol was well represented at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting annual meeting last week in Kansas City to talk with reporters about issues facing the industry. Bob Dinneen, Robert White and Dawn Moore with the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) did a number of interviews with farm broadcasters about important topics, like the growth in the number of stations offering …

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Veterans Enter Fight for RFS

Joanna Schroeder

Two new organizations have entered the fight for the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) today as concerns about the future of the RFS deepen with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed 2014 renewable fuels volumes going south. VoteVets.org and Americans United for Change held a press teleconference to announce their participation in the counteroffensive against what they are calling, “Big Oil’s …

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