Biofuels Take Center Stage at NFU Convention

Cindy Zimmerman

The National Farmers Union 105th annual convention in Orlando recently was very focused on alternative energy. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi spent a significant portion of her keynote speech at the convention talking about alternative energy, from ethanol to wind. “By making the investments we need to make in renewable energy, we can turn America’s farms and fields into …

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New York Becoming the Windy State

John Davis

Chicago might be known as the Windy City (actually dubbed for the city’s talkative politicians), but New York State seems to be putting nature’s wind to good use. reports that 9,300 customers of New York State Electric & Gas… better known as NYSEG… and another 3,000 customers of Rochester Gas & Electric… RG&E… have signed up to get wind-produced …


Sea Breezes Could Fuel East Coast

John Davis

A study by the University of Delaware and Stanford University says there is enough energy in the breezes that blow off the Mid-Atlantic Coast to power much of the Eastern Seaboard… and then some. In this UD article, the study is the first empirical analysis in the country of a large-scale region’s potential offshore wind-energy supply: Willett Kempton, Richard Garvine …


Coal Leader Poised to be Wind Leader

John Davis

Officials in Wyoming, the country’s largest coal producer, believe the state could become a leader in using wind to generate power. This story in the Casper (WY) Star Tribune says the state ranks as the seventh windiest in America and has 14 million acres of windy land: “Wind energy is the fastest growing energy technology in the world, and the …


Wind Powering America

Chuck Zimmerman

Helping me here at the Farm Progress Show is Kelcy Schroder, Iowa State University student. She’s here courtesy of the Monsanto, future ag journalist program, getting some new media experience. One of the first interviews she did was on wind power. Here’s her story: New Ag Markets are coming out everyday but Wind Energy is becoming more popular. Many of …

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