Biofuels Take Center Stage at NFU Convention

Cindy Zimmerman

NFU Indy CarThe National Farmers Union 105th annual convention in Orlando recently was very focused on alternative energy.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi spent a significant portion of her keynote speech at the convention talking about alternative energy, from ethanol to wind. “By making the investments we need to make in renewable energy, we can turn America’s farms and fields into the victory gardens of the 21st century,” Pelosi told the group.

The NFU convention also featured House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson of Minnesota who also talked about domestic fuels. “We need to develop the ethanol industry nationwide, not just in the Midwest,” he said. Peterson went on to stress the importance of keeping ethanol companies in the hands of their rural communities, a priority for NFU members.

During the convention, National Farmers Union delegates approved a policy position to enhance energy and environmental opportunities for rural America which includes supporting expanded research and development dollars for renewable energy technology; expanding the Renewable Fuels Standard; establishing a Renewable Portfolio Standard that requires 25 percent of energy usage to come from renewables by 2025; incentives for local ownership of renewable energy production; and extension and expansion of renewable energy tax credits, including permanent extension of the renewable energy production tax credit.

Listen to Pelosi’s comments about alternative energy here: Listen to MP3 File Pelosi at NFU (6 min MP3)

Photo: Representatives Collin Peterson and Nancy Pelosi with NFU President Tom Buis (courtesy NFU)

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