Is Obama is Own Worst Enemy on Climate?

Joanna Schroeder

“The People’s Climate March” has received worldwide attention to kick off Climate Week in New York and an ad in the New York Times is asking if President Obama is his own worst enemy when it comes to climate. The ad tells the president that if his administration accepts the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal to alter the Renewable Fuel Standard …

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Senate Committee Considers Energy Tax Reform

Cindy Zimmerman

The Senate Finance Committee held a hearing today on Reforming America’s Outdated Energy Tax Code, led by chairman Ron Wyden (D-OR). “It’s past time to replace today’s crazy quilt of more than 40 energy tax incentives with a modern, technology-neutral approach,” said Wyden at the start of the hearing, adding that the disparity in how the tax code treats energy …

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Ethanol Report on Advanced Ethanol Concerns

Cindy Zimmerman

Advanced Ethanol Council (AEC) executive director Brooke Coleman commented last week on a new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report on the impacts of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) so we got him on the phone for this edition of “The Ethanol Report.” In this interview, Coleman talks about his take on the CBO report, as well as Phantom Fuels legislation …

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CBO Releases RFS Report

Joanna Schroeder

The Congressional Budget Office has released a new report, “Renewable Fuel Standard: Issues for 2014 and Beyond“. The evaluates how much the supply of various types of renewable fuels would have to increase over the next several years to comply with the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has yet to finalize its 2014 proposed rule, …

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Advanced Biofuels Industry: Obama Please Reconsider RFS

Joanna Schroeder

More than two dozen advanced biofuel producers have submitted a letter to President Obama today calling on him to reconsider the proposed Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) rule for 2014. Led by the Advanced Ethanol Council and the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), the groups write: “The RFS is necessary because the highly consolidated, vertically integrated oil industry is not otherwise going …

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Advanced Biofuels Group Questions Corn Stover Study

Cindy Zimmerman

A new study about the climate impact of using corn residue for biofuel production raises more questions than it answers, according to Brooke Coleman, Executive Director of the Advanced Ethanol Council (AEC). “In reality, the study confirms what we already know; that excessive agricultural residue removal is bad for the soil and has negative impacts on climate,” said Coleman in …

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Advanced Biofuels in Tax Extenders Bill

Cindy Zimmerman

The cellulosic biofuels industry was very pleased to see the Senate Finance Committee markup of a package of tax extenders that includes the Producer Tax Credit (PTC) and the special depreciation allowance for advanced biofuels. “The cellulosic biofuel industry is just breaking through at commercial scale. Today’s markup sends a clear signal to the marketplace that Congress is making progress …

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Biofuel Organizations Call for Tax Credits Extensions

John Davis

Leaders from several biofuel trade organizations are calling for the extension of some federal advanced biofuel tax credits. The Advanced Ethanol Council, Advanced Biofuels Association, Algae Biomass Organization, Biotechnology Industry Organization, Growth Energy, National Biodiesel Board, and Renewable Fuels Association have sent a letter to the Senate calling for the restoration of the Second Generation Biofuel Producer Tax Credit, the …

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POET-DSM Joins Advanced Ethanol Council

Cindy Zimmerman

POET-DSM Advanced Biofuels is the newest member to join the Advanced Ethanol Council (AEC). “As cellulosic ethanol becomes a growing force in fulfilling biofuel requirements in the U.S., it’s important for POET-DSM Advanced Biofuels to work with other industry leaders to help shape policies that ensure consumer understanding of – and access to – its environmental, economic and energy-security benefits,” …

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Camp Releases 2014 Tax Reform Draft

Joanna Schroeder

Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) has released draft of the “Tax Reform Act of 2014,” which he says will spur stronger economic growth, greater job creation and put more money in the pockets of taxpaying Americans. Camp’s goal is to fix America’s broken tax code by lowering tax rates and making tax policy simpler and fairer for …

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