Wayne Ovation Fuel Dispensers Get E40 Upgrades

Cindy Zimmerman

Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS) recently announced that all North American Wayne Ovation Fuel Dispensers will be supplied as compatible and UL-listed to E40/B20 as a standard feature. The announcement extends DFS’ UL compliance from E25 to E40, with the continued option of up to E85 available across all models and configurations, and makes DFS the first manufacturer of fuel dispensers to offer an E40 UL listing.

Scott Negley, Senior Director, Product Management at Dover Fueling Solutions, said the move reflects the company’s commitment to supplying retailers with the most flexible, reliable and future-proofed equipment options. “Regardless of the direction policy and next-generation vehicle technologies take, retailers can rest assured that their investments in our fuel dispensers will be viable for years to come.”

DFS works in partnership with the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) to prepare for fueling advancements, enhance dispenser offerings and meet infrastructure needs for future mid-level ethanol blends.

“DFS continues to innovate by producing and selling dispensers certified to deliver fuel containing up to 40 percent ethanol,” said NCGA Vice President of Market Development Jim Bauman. “This initiative complements our policy priorities like the Next Generation Fuels Act and supports future demand for ethanol and corn farmers.”

“We want to congratulate DFS for being the first manufacturer to offer UL-certified E40 fuel dispensers,” said NCGA President Tom Haag. “This is an important step toward offering consumers additional choices at the pump supplied by ethanol, an affordable, domestically-produced source of octane that helps to reduce the environmental footprint of liquid fuels.”

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