Iowa Biofuels Access Bill Heads to Governor

The Iowa legislature yesterday passed the Iowa Biofuels Access Bill, sending it to Governor Kim Reynolds for signing. Gov. Reynolds originally proposed the bill this year to increase consumer access to higher biofuel blends like E15 and B20.

Iowa Renewable Fuels Association Executive Director Monte Shaw called it a victory for consumers in the state. “Every person in Iowa deserves the choice of higher blends like E15 and B20. It’s also a victory for Iowa leadership as this legislation is already being looked at by other states as a model for how to promote access to lower-cost, cleaner-burning fuels. We would not be here today if not for Governor Kim Reynolds crafting this bill and pushing it over the finish line. Lots of legislators and other groups played major roles, but Gov. Reynolds started the process and saw it through to the end.”

The Iowa Soybean Association (ISA) and Iowa Biodiesel Board (IBB) praised the biodiesel portion of the bill which increases the Biodiesel Production Tax Credit from 2 to 4 cents per gallon; maintains the current Biodiesel Fuel Tax Differential, but applies this to blends of 20% biodiesel (B20) rather than B11; extends fuel retailer tax credits for B11 and higher, while introducing new credits for higher blends like B20 and expanding statewide funding for the state’s Renewable Fuel Infrastructure Program.

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