Plasma Blue Back at Biodiesel Conference

Cindy Zimmerman

Plasma Blue on display at 2020 National Biodiesel Conference

Plasma Blue debuted at the last in-person National Biodiesel Conference in 2020 and the novel process using electricity and liquid plasma to induce the transesterification process will be back at the 2022 conference next week in Las Vegas.

Plasma Blue CEO Tom Slunecka says they are excited to be back with a slightly different show unit to display. “This unit will show plants how we can expand to larger capacities,” said Slunecka. “We’re going to be there with our technical people on hand to have a conversation with anybody who’s interested in doing something new and different and more cost effective.”

Learn more in this interview, stop by and see them at the Biodiesel Conference next week, and check out their website

NBB2022 Interview with Tom Slunecka, Plasma Blue (5:58)

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