Plasma Blue Debuts at Biodiesel Conference

Cindy Zimmerman

A novel process using electricity and liquid plasma to induce the transesterification process needed to produce biodiesel is generating a lot of interest at the National Biodiesel Conference this week in Tampa.

The Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council saw the potential for the technology, developed by scientists at the University of Minnesota, which could produce six gallons of biodiesel per hour. MSR&PC has since established a company, “Plasma Blue,” around the technology with CEO Tom Slunecka taking the lead on the project.

In this interview, Slunecka explains why Minnesota soybean growers have invested in this technology and the potential it has for the entire biodiesel industry.
NBB2020 Interview with Tom Slunecka, Plasma Blue (5:58)

2020 National Biodiesel Conference photo album

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