Enogen Provides Benefits for #Ethanol Growers

Joanna Schroeder

Duane Martin manages the Agrisure portfolio for Syngenta corn and soybeans. “We’re very proud of the technology we’ve brought to the corn and soybean market over the last several years- launching more new technology, more new traits, to especially the corn business one the last five years than any other company in the industry.”

The Enogen corn technology is expanding, says Martin who adds that Enogen for ethanol provides a 360 degree value. Ethanol plants who use Enogen see increased efficiency, while growers who supply the grain can see up to a 40 cent per bushel premium upon delivery. And this, says Martin, keeps money in the local, rural economies.

As the company has continued to do research on the Enogen traits, they discovered another value for corn growers who are feeding their own beef or dairy herds. “So for those growers feeding their own livestock, we find that Enogen corn can provide a much more digestible, usable high value feed for either beef cattle or dairy herds,” says Martin.

Learn more about Enogen and Syngenta’s other traits in the full interview here: Interview with Duane Martin, Syngenta

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