#Ethanol Wins The Race Every Time

Joanna Schroeder

During the American Ethanol E15 250 presented by Enogen NASCAR XFINITY Series race that recently took place at the Iowa Speedway, Chuck Zimmerman had a moment to catch his breath and chat with Syngenta newbie Marcos Castro, the marketing manager for Enogen. Castro joined the team about two months ago and said his role is to promote the Enogen brand and the Enogen technology.

enogen-marcos-castro “It’s a really great technology that we’ve created specifically for the ethanol industry that really creates value across the board,” noted Castro. He said he already enjoys working with ethanol plants and growers in the surrounding communities.

The NASCAR ethanol weekend was a first for Castro and he said that its a fantastic venue to promote ethanol, Enogen and Cellerate. “I’m blown away by the sheer opportunity to be a part of this because I’ve never seen in other sports the proximity of the fans and the whole community of racing. It’s really unique,” said Castro. “I was very fortunate to be a part of the different things going on today to see first hand the interaction between the race car drivers and everything going on, and I think this is a really good fit for what we’re trying to do – to take the message about ethanol to a broader audience.

Chuck asked Marcos who was going to win and while Marcos hoped the best driver would win, he stressed, “I think ultimately ethanol is winning the race. NASCAR is really showing what a great fuel American grown ethanol is and what it is doing for communities and what it is doing for the country.

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