New Workshops, Tools @Novozymes Bioenergy University

Joanna Schroeder

A year ago during the Fuel Ethanol Workshop, Novozymes officially launched its Bioenergy University. This year, Chuck Zimmerman was able to speak with Novozymes’ Rachel Burton to get the update on how the program is going. She said they are getting excellent feedback from their customers with hundreds of customers actively engaged with the tool and the training platform. In particular, she said there has been a great response to their online, interactive courses and videos.

few-16-rachelThis year Burton said they just launched a new and improved version of the tool that has more information about their industry excellence workshops where their customers can sign up for two to three day workshops right on Bioenergy University.

“Bioenergy University can be a platform for any kind of operator training certification program,” said Burton. “We have many customers that are interested in developing a more formal program and many of them are using Bioenergy University as a piece of that puzzle.”

Burton says they are constantly improving the site and building new content based on customer needs. One thing they are working on is advancing the trainings they do in the interactive module.

To learn more by Novozymes’ Bioenergy University, listen to Chuck’s interview with Rachel Burton here: Interview with Rachel Burton, Novozymes

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Coverage of the Fuel Ethanol Conference is sponsored by Novozymes
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