Top DomesticFuel Stories for 2015

Joanna Schroeder

Domestic Fuel Top Ten LogoAs 2015 comes to a close, it’s a perfect time to look back at the top alternative energy stories of the year on DomesticFuel using website traffic only. Things may have shaken out a bit differently if we factored in social media, but, well, we didn’t. Anything on this list surprise you? It does me. With all the controversy around the Renewable Fuel Standard (#RFS) this year I would have thought a story or two would make the top 10, but it looks like the industry and consumers are supporting biofuels through mid-level blends.

#10  USDA Applauded for Biofuel Infrastructure Report
#9    BIO Applauds Renewable Chemicals Bill
#8    Gevo’s Biojet Fuel Catches Air
#7    Lallemand Makes #FEW15 Fashion Statement
#6    BIO to Put Innovation in Name
#5    Biofuels Capacity to Grow 61B Gallons by 2018
#4    Soules Supports Ethanol Ethanol & Ag @American Ethanol 200
#3    Novozymes Partnering for Profitability at #FEW15
#2    The Novozymes Strategy
#1    Solar Net Metering Ending in Cali