IKEA Adds More Solar to Stores

Joanna Schroeder

solar_panels_atop_IKEA_Charlotte,_NC_-_1_-_hiIKEA has added another solar installation to one of its stores, this one located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The 122,000 square foot PV array consists of a 1,015 kW system, built with 4,228 panels. The system is estimated to produce 1,330,000 kWh of solar power each year.

This solar installation is the 39th for IKEA in the U.S. increasing its solar presence to nearly 90 percent of its locations with a total generation goal of 38 MW. Unlike many other companies, IKEA owns and operates all of its solar PV energy systems as opposed to a solar lease or power purchase agreement (PPV). The company has set a goal of becoming energy independent by 2020 and to date, has more than 250,000 solar panels installed on buildings around the world.

“The installation of solar panels at IKEA Charlotte is another way we can build upon our ongoing commitment to sustainability,” said Richard Castanon, IKEA Charlotte store manager.  “At IKEA, we believe in creating a better every life for the many people, so investing in renewable energy accomplishes helps contributes to that goal. We appreciate the support of the City of Charlotte, Duke Energy, and Gehrlicher Solar, our partners in this project.”

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