State Corn Groups Work For Consumer Choice

Joanna Schroeder

State corn associations across the country are working to bring more choice for consumers at the pump through the use of higher blends of ethanol, such as E15. Several programs are in place to help retailers install the infrastructure needed for consumers to take advantage of EPA’s decision to allow E15 to be used in vehicles 2001 and newer. In addition, the groups are working to install flex fuel pumps that dispense mid-level blends of ethanol such as E20 and E30 as well as E85, blends that can only be used in flex-fuel vehicles.

Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota all have efforts to increase the use of higher ethanol blends in their respective states by helping fund the installation of the necessary fuel pumps. From programs that completely support the installation of E85 pumps for retailers looking to convert multiple locations to programs that help cover the cost of signage highlighting ethanol options.

Today there are around 162,000 retail stations nationwide; yet, only 3,000 offer E85 and significantly less offer E15. But for most retailers who were early adopters of ethanol blends, they find a financial advantage to selling the higher ethanol blends in increased sales.

In addition to the various state programs, there are also two additional campaigns, the American Ethanol partnership with NASCAR® and the Blend Your Own program, to help increase infrastructure, awareness and adoption of higher ethanol blends. Retailers looking for more information on aid for the installation of infrastructure for higher blends of ethanol, visit the Blend Your Own Ethanol website.

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