Corn Growers Proud of Ethanol in NASCAR

Cindy Zimmerman

Corn growers are very proud to be a part of bringing the story of ethanol to the nation through NASCAR.

I talked with National Corn Growers Association president Bart Schott (right) of North Dakota and NCGA chairman Darrin Ihnen of South Dakota who were at the Sprint Cup Series STP 400 at the Kansas Speedway Sunday where American Ethanol was prominently displayed.

“This is the kick off and we’ve been waiting for it to come,” said Schott. “NASCAR has an 80 million fan base that is getting some real positive messages on burning a higher blend of ethanol.” All NASCAR series are running this season on a 15 percent ethanol blend.

Ihnen says they have a great representation at the race from corn farmers and ethanol producers, and they are getting a great message out to the fans with a big American Ethanol exhibit, especially when it comes to making the country less dependent on foreign oil. “The NASCAR fans, when they were polled, energy security is one of their major concerns,” said Ihnen.

Both Schott and Ihnen noted American corn growers are very able to grow enough corn to meet demand for all needs, including ethanol, despite weather issues. Schott says he has all his corn planted for the season while Ihnen does not, but he’s not worried. “It’s a long season,” Darrin said.

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