Childress Believes NASCAR Could Use More Ethanol

Cindy Zimmerman

Former NASCAR driver and owner of Richard Childress Racing thinks the racing series could go to higher ethanol blends sometime in the future.

Despite media attention regarding an “incident” between him and driver Kyle Busch on Saturday, Richard Childress was happy to come by the American Ethanol tent Sunday and voice his support for corn farmers and the domestically produced fuel.

“I’m a farmer myself and I understand the livelihood of farmers and I think it’s great for America what they are doing to help us not to have to depend on as much foreign energy,” he said. “I hope some day we can run it all on ethanol.”

Childress believes there is a good possibility that NASCAR could go to an even higher ethanol blend than the 15% started this year. “We tested the 30 and it ran really well but I think NASCAR wants to ease into it with fuel injection coming,” he added.

The American Ethanol paint job decorated the No. 33 Richard Childress Racing Chevrolet driven by Clint Bowyer at Kansas Speedway on Sunday.

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