Hawaii Home to Another Solar Project

Joanna Schroeder

Hawaii is home to another completed solar project. Chevron Energy Solutions, Oceanic Time Warner Cable and Tioga Energy have officially unveiled the 865-kilowatt solar system located at Oceanic’s Mililani Tech Park. With the completion of the project, it marks the state’s largest solar parking canopy project. The project was designed, engineered and constructed by Chevron Energy Solutions, a division of Chevron Corporation. The solar project includes solar photovoltaic panels on two buildings and parking canopies. The project was financed by Tioga Energy who also owns and will now operated the project under a 20-year solar power purchase agreement. The energy produced will be sold back to Oceanic at “predicable rates less than those of the local utility.”

“We are proud of our collaboration with Chevron Energy Solutions and Tioga Energy to help us incorporate sustainability in our business,” said Norman Santos, vice president of operations for Oceanic Time Warner Cable. “This project helps to provide budget predictability for our energy costs and the opportunity to use renewable power.”

Jim Davis, president of Chevron Energy Solutions added, “Oceanic Time Warner Cable is demonstrating how it can be a good business practice for companies to help the State of Hawaii meet its clean energy goals. We are pleased we had the opportunity to work with Oceanic Time Warner Cable and Tioga Energy to make this project a reality.”

Under the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative, the state has a goal of generating 70 percent of its power from clean energy sources by 2030. This project is estimated to reduce CO2 emissions equal to that of the amount sequestered per year by 225 trees. Following in the footsteps of other corporations integrating renewable energy into their building, Oceanic is seeking LEED Gold certification.

“In offering affordable renewable energy options, Tioga Energy and Chevron Energy Solutions are helping organizations to alleviate budgetary stress while simultaneously meeting their sustainability goals,” concluded Paul Detering, CEO of Tioga Energy. “We commend Oceanic Time Warner Cable for its commitment to sustainable business practices and anticipate a successful relationship for years to come.”

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