Corn Grower Reaction Mixed to EPA Ethanol Decision

Cindy Zimmerman

NCGAThe National Corn Growers Association is both pleased and disappointed by the Environmental Protection Agency announcement this week to delay final action on a waiver that would allow up to 15 percent ethanol blends in regular gasoline.

“While we are disappointed the Environmental Protection Agency has chosen to postpone its decision on the higher ethanol blends, we are pleased the positive tone of their response shows an understanding of the importance of moving to higher blends in the very near future,” said NCGA President Darrin Ihnen. “We are confident that the Agency’s further research will support our position. Further, NCGA feels strongly that EPA should work quickly and expeditiously to move toward higher blends and we look forward to working with the ethanol industry to make this happen.”

The waiver request was supported by NCGA, key ethanol organizations and thousands of farmers and others from around the country who provided comments to EPA on the importance of allowing higher level blends of ethanol in gasoline to reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil.

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