Communicating Renewables Webinar Series Launched

Joanna Schroeder

communicating renewables webinar seriesThere are many opportunities and challenges facing the renewable energy industry. To achieve long-term success, one of the greatest hurdles the industry must overcome is garnering consumer support and product adoption. This has been tough for the corn-ethanol industry in part, due to media hostility and biased reporting.

So what is the most effective way to communicate your message to ensure your technology survives in a crowded marketplace? 

This question and more will be answered in the Communicating Renewables Webinar Series. This program is designed for those involved in or seeking information about the alternative energy arena. The webinar series is designed specifically to help arm communications professionals with the tools they will need to approach, head on, the challenging task of getting the positive message about renewable energy, technologies and research out to consumers, stakeholders, policy leaders, and the media.

Topics include:

  • » Web 2.0: how to harness the newest online tools to ensure your message reaches your target audience
  • » Strength in numbers: building coalitions with unlikely partners to add legitimacy to your messages
  • » Pit Bull Media Relations: how to pitch reporters who don’t support your product
  • » Grant Writing and Fundraising 101: how to bring additional funding to your organization
  • » Pitching Energy Reporters: the do’s and dont’s to securing coverage
  • » Developing Effective Media Relationships: how to work with overburdened and time-starved reporters

Don’t miss this ground breaking and affordable webinar series. Most sessions are only $49. The first session is June 2, 2009. To learn more and to register go to

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