DF Cast: Tools for Renewable Energy Communicators

John Davis

df-logoThis latest edition of Domestic Fuel Cast communicates some important information for those who communicate the story of renewable energy.

The Communicating Renewables Summit takes place April 21-23 at the Hilton in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is touted as “THE conference to attend if you are a communications professional working for a company, association or agency that promotes wind, solar, biofuels, geothermal, hydrogen and more!”

Domestic Fuel’s parent company, ZimmComm New Media, is the media partner with our old friend Joanna Schroeder… whose 4R Communications is putting on the summit.

Communicating Renewables Summit“This conference is designed to help communicators evolve the skills they are going to need to be successful in communicating why consumers should adopt their product.”

Schroeder says they’ll have sessions on crisis communications, such as how to handle issues like the food-versus-fuel debate.

Some of those speaking at the summit also include Sean O’Hanlon, Executive Director and founder of the American Biofuels Council… a group the coordinates biofuels research, analysis, development and education in the country… and Tom Collina, the executive director of 20-20 Vision… a non-profit organization dedicated to solving global challenges where international security, energy and the environment come together.

You can hear some of their ideas for renewable energy communications by listening to this week’s Domestic Fuel Cast here: [audio:http://www.zimmcomm.biz/domesticfuel/DFCast-3-13-09.mp3]

Of course, for even more information, you really need to make plans to attend the Communicating Renewables Summit, April 21-23 in Minneapolis.

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