Communicating Renewables a Timely Topic

Cindy Zimmerman

The Communicating Renewables Summit coming up in Minneapolis April 21-23 is a timely event for those involved in the alternative energy arena. The conference is designed specifically for the challenging task of getting the positive message about all renewables out to consumers, stakeholders, policy leaders and the media.

Communicating Renewables SummitConference organizer Joanna Schroeder with 4RCommunications says she came up with the idea for the event because she sees a need for communications education in the renewable energy industry. “As President Obama implements new energy legislation, this conference is designed to help communicators develop the skills they’re going to need to educate consumers,” Schroeder said.

Schroeder, who served as Director of Communications for the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council, says all renewable energy producers need to be prepared to defend incentives designed to grow renewable energy options. “Ethanol and biodiesel have already been experiencing the negative media, but I think that wind and solar are going to find that as they receive more tax incentives and subsidies they will have to go on the defensive also,” she said.

The conference will feature a number seasoned renewable industry professionals, such as Tom Collina, executive director of 2020 Vision, a national membership organization focused on explaining how energy choices affect both the environment and national security. “How we talk about renewables and energy in general is very important,” Collina says about the summit. “With all the new energy legislation and policy being considered, it’s more important than ever that we explain to the American people what’s at stake.”

Early bird registration for the summit (before February 25) is just $695. Registration and additional information about the conference can be found on-line at

Here is a promotional video for the Communicating Renewables Summit:

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