Romney’s Stance on Renewables

John Davis

romney.jpgIt looks like former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney will win the Michigan primary. So, as I have done for other candidates as they have won caucuses and primaries, I’m posting some of the winner’s thoughts on renewable energy.

From the Romney campaign web site:

Invest In Research. Dramatically increase federal spending on research, development, and demonstration projects that hold promise for diversifying our energy supply and increasing our energy efficiency, such as:

* Bringing clean energy technology to market through commercialization of large-scale renewables and advanced nuclear technologies…

GOVERNOR ROMNEY: “This kind of energy independence will also mean pursuing ample domestic sources of energy: more drilling offshore and in ANWR, nuclear power, renewable sources, ethanol, biodiesel, solar, wind, and full exploitation of coal – both solid and liquid.” (Governor Mitt Romney, Remarks At The George Bush Presidential Library Center, 4/10/07)

On the Democratic side, New York Sen. Hillary Clinton won the Michigan primary. However, since Michigan is holding its primary to early, national Democratic Party leaders have decided the delegates won’t count… and so most of the top Dems had their names pulled from the ballot. But just in case you feel like I am favoring the GOP, here’s a link to an earlier post on Clinton’s renewable energy stance.

In the future, I plan to only post the renewable energy stances of new winners… I don’t want us to become repetitive. One thing I will repeat, though, is that it is up to you to do the homework to choose the best person to lead this country, especially when it comes to renewable fuels.

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