NBB Kicks Off 2020 Biodiesel Branding Program

Cindy Zimmerman

It’s National Biodiesel Day, in honor of Rudolf Diesel’s birthday, and the National Biodiesel Board (NBB) is celebrating with its 2020 vehicle branding program designed to showcase biodiesel’s sustainability and emissions reduction benefits with the theme “Biodiesel: Better. Cleaner. Now!” “When Rudolf invented the diesel engine in the 1890s, it was designed to run on peanut oil and he envisioned …

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Iowa Calls for Renewable Fuels Marketing Award Nominees

Joanna Schroeder

Do you know a fuel retailer who has gone above and beyond marketing renewable fuels including ethanol and biodiesel? Then nominate him/her for the Renewable Fuels Marketing Awards. Awards are given for both the sales and promotion of biodiesel and ethanol and the awards are in their 10th year. “Fuel retailers continue to take steps to make ethanol and biodiesel …

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Glacial Lakes In Midst of Premium E30 Challenge

Joanna Schroeder

The ethanol industry knows that one area for the growth of the renewable fuel is through mid-level ethanol blends such as E30. The auto industry is calling for more octane and has indicated that ethanol is one great solution with E30 as the ideal blend. While the two industries seem to be on the same page when it comes to …

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Minnesota Biofuels Promotes E15 to Drivers

Cindy Zimmerman

The Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association (MBA) spent an hour Tuesday at a retail station in St. Paul rewarding drivers who fueled up with E15. The association joined with a local radio station at St Paul’s Tobasi Stop Minnoco to educate drivers and present those who switched to E15 with prizes such as $25 in cash, passes to the Minnesota Zoo and …

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Minnesota Coop to Offer E85 For 85 Cents A Gallon

Joanna Schroeder

E85 (85 percent ethanol/15 percent gas) will be available for 85 cents a gallon at the Farmers Coop Elevator in Bellingham, Minnesota on Wednesday, August 19 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Located at 300 Railroad Road, the promotion will also offer a 30 cents per gallon discount on E30 and a 15 cents discount per gallon on E15. The …

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Ethanol Says “Tanks-a-Lot”

Joanna Schroeder

The American Lung Association in Wisconsin Clean Air Choice Team will be traveling throughout Wisconsin for the next few months to reward motorists through their “Tanks-a-Lot” promotion.  As part of their effort to support cleaner burning fuels, members of the Wisconsin Clean Air Choice program will surprise lucky motorists who pull up to refuel with E85 at Wisconsin gas stations …

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