Minnesota Biofuels Promotes E15 to Drivers

Cindy Zimmerman

mn-bio-e15The Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association (MBA) spent an hour Tuesday at a retail station in St. Paul rewarding drivers who fueled up with E15.

The association joined with a local radio station at St Paul’s Tobasi Stop Minnoco to educate drivers and present those who switched to E15 with prizes such as $25 in cash, passes to the Minnesota Zoo and Wild Mountain. The retail station is one of the newest in the Twin Cities to offer E15. There are currently 17 stations in the metro that offer E15.

MBA executive director Tim Rudnicki says the event is the third time MBA has partnered with KS95 FM to educate and increase awareness of the benefits of using E15. “This is the third consecutive month where we have gone to a station with KS95 to directly engage with drivers and educate them on the benefits of using E15. Drivers are interested in using a fuel that has a high octane, is cheaper than regular unleaded gas, better for the environment and beneficial to Minnesota’s economy,” said Rudnicki.

In 2015, a record 3.09 million gallons of E15 was sold in Minnesota, nearly 12 times the amount sold in 2014. The volume recorded in December last was 527,574 gallons, a new monthly record and represented the second straight month in 2015 when E15 monthly sales breached 500,000 gallons.

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