Biosource Boosts Biofuel Production

Laura McNamara

Nova Biosource Fuels is building up its biofuels. The energy company has announced that it has commissioned its second 20 million gallon per year train. It’s biodiesel refinery in Seneca, Illinois has also produced more than 3 million gallons of ASTM 6751 standard biodiesel fuel. “Our progress at the Seneca refinery continues to solidify our proven process technology that enables …

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SunEthanol Gets New CEO

Laura McNamara

Biofuels expert William Frey is the new CEO of SunEthanol. Frey will lead SunEthanol’s commercialization of fuel that is created from plant waste and fast growing grasses. SunEthanol announced today that it has hired biofuels leader William Frey, Ph.D., as the cellulosic ethanol company’s new chief executive officer. Previously, Dr. Frey led the efforts to commercialize advanced biofuels and new …

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North Amerian Wind Turbine Giant Increases Power

Laura McNamara

Annual energy production from Brad Foote Gear Works is more than doubling with the purchase of additional advanced gear manufacturing systems. Brad Foote’s purchase from Germany-based Hofler Company amounts to more than $30 million. The company now owns 29 Hofler machines. With the new equipment, Brad Foote’s annual production will grow from the current equivalent of 2,000 MW of installed …

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DTE Challenges Michagan Students to Bring Clean Tech from Lab to Consumer

Laura McNamara

DTE Energy and the University of Michigan are sponsoring an annual entrepreneurship competition. The DTE Clean Energy Prize is meant to encourage teams form Michigan colleges and universities to develop the best way for offering new clean-energy technologies commercially. “Our goal is to drive promising clean energy ideas and technologies from the research lab to commercialization,” Earley said. “To do …

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LifeLine’s Vision for Corn and Ethanol

Laura McNamara

LifeLine Foods sells ethanol, but ethanol is just one of many products the company produces. The St. Joseph, MO-based corn milling plant started off as a manufacturer of snack foods in 2001. Today, LifeLine’s identity is continually evolving. The 51 percent farmer-owned company is committed to innovation and is now partnered with ICM, Inc, a world leader in ethanol facility …

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Evidence that Ethanol Works

Laura McNamara

The ethanol industry in Brazil has been developing some major traction. Marcos Jank, President of UNICA, says the demand for ethanol in Brazil is now matching that of the demand for gasoline. He says ethanol is gaining ground and Brazil “won’t move back to gas.” Marcos was one of seven speakers at today’s Ethanol Summit held at the Indianapolis Motor …

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Indiana Corn Goes Mobile with Ethanol Education

Laura McNamara

The 2008 Indy Pace Car corvette wasn’t the only shiny new toy to check out at the giveaway this morning. The Indiana Corn Marketing Council debuted its new interactive mobile marketing unit complete with videos detailing the production of ethanol and a database of local fuel retailers that offer E10 and E85 fuel blends. Visitors can even print off a …

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Biodiesel Gets Even More Bio Friendly

Laura McNamara

As if biodiesel isn’t green enough. But, Maverick BioFuels has found yet another way to make bio-diesel even more sustainable and XcelPlus Global Holdings is jumping at the opportunity to put this new technology to use. XcelPlus will equip itself with the necessary tools from Maverick to covert glycerin, a byproduct from biodiesel production, to a fuel suitable for use …

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Clean Diesel Hot Topic at Alternative Fuels & Vehicles Expo

Laura McNamara

The Alternative Fuels & Vehicles Expo in Las Vegas that I mentioned in an earlier post is wrapping up and participants have expressed excitement about sustainable fuel choices. Supporters of clean diesel for example, say the fuel offers more power, improved fuel economy and reduced emissions. Gale Banks, chief executive officer of Gale Banks Engineering, says clean diesel turns conventional …

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BioBox Mini Offers Small-scale Biodiesel Production

Laura McNamara

Biodiesel production is going from large-scale to small-scale. Pacific Natural Energy is introducing the BioBox Mini to offer smaller companies efficient and effective biodiesel production through a single 20-foot cargo container. With minimal cost and equipment, entry-level customers have the ability to lead the masses towards biodiesel independence. The BioBox Mini can process up to 400,000 gallons per year of …

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