The Mcgyan Process

Chuck Zimmerman

As we’ve reported before, Biodiesel Analytical Solutions is teaming up with Mcgyan Biodiesel. I learned more about this at the recent National Biodiesel Conference when I spoke with David Wendorf, Mcgyan Director of Marketing. He’s seen here in their booth.

David says Mcgyan was formed about 6 months ago as the company to license their new biodiesel technology. It’s a process that uses a fixed bed catalyst using metal oxide to produce biodiesel. They can use all types of feedstock. That makes them flexible and able to choose the least expensive feedstock available. Feedstock is the most expensive component of the production process. He says they started out a couple years ago after discovering the process. Since then they’ve been scaling up to what is now a large size production facility. He says the plant is performing beyond their expectations.

You can listen to my interview with David here:

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