RFA CEO Calls Out Big Oil’s E15 Hypocrisy

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In an editorial this week, Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) president and CEO Geoff Cooper called out the hypocrisy of oil interests when it comes to allowing year round sales of 15% ethanol, E15. Noting that “hell hath no fury like Big Oil scorned,” Cooper debunks all of the oil industry’s dire warnings in response to President Trump’s recent decision calling …

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Pruitt’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Ethanol Tour

Cindy Zimmerman

Renewable Fuels Association CEO Bob Dinneen channeled author Judith Viorst in an editorial post Friday summarizing EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s ethanol “Redemption Tour” last week. Day 1 of his Redemption Tour had Pruitt telling ethanol producers his role was to provide stability to the market only to be told the company he was visiting would be shutting down a brand …

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RFA: RFS Not to Blame for Refinery Bankruptcy

Cindy Zimmerman

Philadelphia Energy Solutions, (PES) the largest oil refinery on the east coast, filed for bankruptcy protection last week, blaming the Renewable Fuel Standard for its financial problems, but Renewable Fuels Association CEO Bob Dinneen disagrees. In an op-ed in The Hill today, Dinneen says PES has no one to blame but itself. “PES operates one of the nation’s oldest refineries, …

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Ethanol Industry Leader Calls on EPA to Maintain RFS

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In an op-ed published this week in The Hill, the chairman of the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) urges EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to stick with President Trump’s vision for an America First energy policy and keep the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) strong. Pointing to EPA actions and rumors of actions in recent weeks to reduce volume obligations and lower demand …

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With Trump Taking America’s Helm, How Will #Biofuels Fare?

Joanna Schroeder

In what many are calling an unexpected win for Donald Trump for the next presidency, the renewable energy industry is already asking what will this mean for them. As Democrats tend to be known for greater environmental action and with a Republican in office for the first time in eight years, a concern could bloom as to the the safety, …

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Trump Leading Farm Country in Agri-Pulse Poll

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A new nationwide poll commissioned by Agri-Pulse reveals that a majority of farmers and ranchers favor Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race. Fifty-five percent of those surveyed said they support Republican Trump while 18 percent indicated they support Democrat Clinton. Only 2 percent plan to vote for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and just 1 percent for …

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#Corn, Baseball & #RFS- AutoChannel’s Rauch Clues Us in to their Commonality

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A recent article published online in Bloomberg Politics by Jennifer A Dlouhy, “As Corn Devours U.S. Prairies, Greens Reconsider Biofuel Mandate,” calls into question the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). She writes, “More than a decade after conservationists helped persuade Congress to require adding corn-based ethanol and other biofuels to gasoline, some groups regret the resulting agricultural runoff in waterways and …

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NCGA: Small Engine Industry Must Change

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Small engines and the use of ethanol has been in the news lately with spring approaching. This week, National Corn Growers Association CEO Chris Novak published the following editorial. The Small Engine Industry Needs to Change with the Times By National Corn Growers Association CEO Chris Novak The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI), which represents the small engine industry, just …

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The Truth Behind Marine Engines & Ethanol

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In response to a recent misleading piece in BoatUS, which warned of marine engine damage due to ethanol, Keith Holmes, President and Owner of CK Motorsports, a certified Mercury Marine Engine & Racing service dealer, wrote a response that we thought worth sharing with our readers. The Truth Behind Marine Engines and Ethanol by Keith Holmes, President & Owner of …

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