RFA CEO Calls Out Big Oil’s E15 Hypocrisy

Cindy Zimmerman

In an editorial this week, Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) president and CEO Geoff Cooper called out the hypocrisy of oil interests when it comes to allowing year round sales of 15% ethanol, E15.

Noting that “hell hath no fury like Big Oil scorned,” Cooper debunks all of the oil industry’s dire warnings in response to President Trump’s recent decision calling for the year-round availability of E15, including that it can “damage engines,” “put consumers at risk,” and “void manufacturer warranties.”

It’s also more than a little ironic that while the oil industry is drumming up misinformation about E15 and auto warranties, it continues to sell large volumes of low-octane gasoline (85 AKI)—a fuel that is most certainly not approved or warrantied by a single automaker. In fact, the Department of Energy and EPA warn that using gasoline with low octane can “…cause the engine to run poorly and can damage the engine and emissions control system over time. It may also void your warranty.” Hello pot, meet kettle.
Click here to read Cooper’s commentary.

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