The Coal vs Clean Energy Show

Joanna Schroeder

The Sierra Club has released a new video series of short, animated sketches that highlight a different health or environmental impact from coal – “The Coal vs Clean Energy Show.” The videos are also accompanied by a web-based game featuring the same characters, which viewers can play as they try to wrack up the highest score. Additional videos in the …

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Renewable Energy Roadmap for Central America

Joanna Schroeder

According to a new report, The Way Forward for Renewable Energy in Central America,  authored by the Worldwatch Institute, Central America is far from harvesting its enormous renewable energy resources to their fullest potential. The region is a worldwide leader in hydropower and geothermal and is developing wind energy, yet has room to expand. “Central America is at a crossroads,” …

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Volvo Debuts Noiseless Electric Buses

Joanna Schroeder

The launch of an ultramodern bus service in Gothenburg, Sweden will pick up passengers indoors, without noise or emissions via electric buses. The initiative is sponsored by the Volvo Group, Swedish Energy Agency, the City of Gothenburg, Västtrafik, Lindholment Science Park and Johanneberg Science Park. The project has been coined, ElectriCity. “This represents an entirely new mode of travel and …

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U.S. Firms Sign Climate Declaration

Joanna Schroeder

Twenty-two American investment firms with nearly $240 billion in assets under management have signed a Climate Declaration, calling on U.S policymakers to seize the American economic opportunity of addressing climate change. The move was timed with the start of the Global Investor Forum on Climate Change that took place this week in Hong Kong. The declaration asserts. “Tackling climate change …

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Groups Petition Cali to Evaluate Clean Energy Policy

Joanna Schroeder

Several organizations in California, including Californians Against Utilities Stopping Solar Energy (CAUSE), American Lung Association of California, California Environmental Justice Alliance (CEJA) and are petitioning the California Energy Commission to quantify the air quality and economic benefits associated with the states “net energy metering” policy. According to CAUSE, net metering provides solar consumers with fair credit for the energy …

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Project Volt Gas Volt – A Breakthrough Program?

Joanna Schroeder

During the EU Parliament in Brussels, a “breakthrough” green renewable energy program coined Project Volt Gas Volt was called for to make fossil fuel and first generation biofuel use obsolete. The call was made by Corinne Lepage, Member of the European Parliament (also the former French Minister of the Environment) and American Professor of Management, Robert I. Bell. According to …

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WWF Launches Renewable Energy Campaign

Cindy Zimmerman

WWF is calling on the world to Seize Your Power and invest in renewable energy. WWF, the international name for the 50-year-old environmental focused World Wildlife Fund, is issuing a global call to action urging governments and financial institutions worldwide to increase investment in renewable energy by at least $40 billion over the next 12 months. “We are running out …

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Groups Ask For Water “Road Map”

Joanna Schroeder

Leaders of the Committee for the American Clean Energy Agenda (ACEA) praised Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) and 22 of her House colleagues for urging new U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz to release the long overdue “road map” on how to manage the development of U.S. energy resources without harming the quality and supply of water supplies. The Energy Policy …

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What Do Orca Whales and Solar Have in Common?

Joanna Schroeder

What do Orca whales and solar energy have in common? Nothing until now. Canadian Solar Solutions has donated solar modules to power the OrcaLab Whale Research Centre, on a remote island off the British Columbia coast near Alert Bay. OrcaLab has been recording the Johnson Strait whales for more than four decades. Founder, Dr. Paul Spong and his wife Helena …

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100 Days of Action to Fight Climate Change

Joanna Schroeder

The Sierra Club is celebrating a successful campaign, “100 Days of Action to Fight Climate Disruption,” that began with President Obama’s inauguration and concluded on Earth Day. The goal of the campaign was to push the president to take bold action that would avert the climate crisis. According to Sierra Club, over one million Americans from across the country participated …

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